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Around The World With desi Travelers-December 2017 Travel Digest 

Girl watching Sunset Veli Beach Trivandrum

Sunset Veli Beach – Pic – Ruby Singh

The first desi travel digest of 2018 is also the last travel digest of 2017 as we go live after the month has ended. So in January, we share the December 2017 travel digest. Most of the images in this digest were shared by travelers in the month of December. This month I have tried to do a balance between images from India and abroad. We have images from various places ranging from Hawamahal in Jaipur to Zurich in Switzerland, from Dzong in Arunachal Pradesh to all the way down under from New Zealand. Let me take you through the images of the December 2017 edition of desi Travel digest.
The first image is by Matt@TheTravelBlogs and he shares this magnificent sunset silhouette clicked at the U Bein bridge in Myanmar. While there are many iconic bridges in the world ranging from Golden Gate Bridge in San Fransico Bay to our own Howrah Bridge in Kolkata, the simple U Bein bridge in Myanmar is a photographer’s delight especially during Sunset.
In our second image, Ayushi Yadav takes us to the  Rang Rangeelo Rajasthan but showcases us the hip side of Udaipur in this quaint Cafe Hello Boho, near Lake Pichola, Udaipur.  While there are 1000s of images of Udaipur on the net it is always good to see a different image from a popular destination. I for sure will be visiting Cafe Hello Boho when I am in Udaipur Rajasthan.
Let us take a leap from lake town of Rajasthan to the Lake Zurich with Hardik Khandelwal, aka dilsewander. While Bollywood has done a lot for tourism in Switzerland, it has also made us believe that Switzerland is all about mountains and cows, well there is a lot more to do in Switzerland than just to wander around Bollywood locations. As Hardik informs us the twin tower building you see in this image is Grossmünster a beautiful Romanesque style church that was founded by Charlemagne in 1220. Read more details on his Instagram post below
Next, let us go to Christchurch in New Zealand with Sumaiya. While we in the northern hemisphere are enjoying the winters, Sumaiya shares images of her summer with the New Zealand version of Sakura or Cherry Blossom. Do you know in India also we have a few places where Cherry Blossoms in abundance, alas I have never seen it and that is what motivates me to curate this travel digest it gives me travel goals and keeps on feeding my bucket list 🙂
Only today I was reading about Dehradun in the newspaper and the news is not good. Can you imagine this picture is taken in Dehradun which as per the newspaper today has as bad air as Delhi?  I am telling you, folks, we need to mend our ways otherwise we are doomed.  But on the other side, I just love this image shared by Meenakshi J it presents an iconic institution with a fresh perspective and takes us closer to nature.
The next set of images by Parul Thakur takes us to a divine journey of Ajmer Sharif, and the markets around the Dargah Sharif in Ajmer. Ajmer Sharif is one of the most important Sufi Shrines in the Indian subcontinent and people of all faiths visit the Dargah to pay their respects and seek blessings of Khwaja Garib Nawaz.
From Ajmer in western India let us go to Dirang Dzong in the Eastern most state of India Arunachal Pradesh with Dipanwita. Have you been to Arunachal Pradesh the first state in mainland India to welcome the Sun? Just look at the design and construction of the path to the village and you get some idea about the life of people living there.
Once again we are back in Rajasthan and not far from Ajmer, the below image shared by Ravi Chandra from the local market in the temple town cum hippie paradise of Rajasthan Pushkar. I have never been able to understand what attracts backpacker to a town and changes the town forever. On one side Pushkar is this holy town with the ancient lakes and Brahma temple attracting pilgrims and on the other side, it attracts backpackers from far away places who are in search of real India.
Not far from Rajasthan in on the Bharatpur Agra highway in UP is Fatehpur Sikri, the former capital of Abu’l-Fath Jalal-ud-din Muhammad Akbar aka Zille Subhani of Mughal-E- Azam fame. Fatehpur Sikri is not very far from Taj Mahal in Agra and if the UP government and tourism department do not take strong action to curb the menace of aggressive touts troubling tourist in Fatehpur Sikri even less will visit in the future. I fail to understand how can people attack the very tourists who are the catalyst in boosting the local economy and help in creating jobs.  I am so glad my friend Con Ny from Germany shared this image from Fathepuri Sikri and I can only hope that the incident with the Swiss tourists was a stray isolated one and authorities have taken appropriate action to ensure it is not repeated.
Now let us go to the Hindi heartland with Ravi Raj aka bullet_patel2408 who takes us to the very desi Saras Mela in Patna Bihar. This post is as desi as you can get and takes you to the very rustic style, Saras Mela, where you can find the flavors and colors of India in full glory.

Featured Traveler December 2017 Travel Digest 

The next two images are shared by traveler and engineer Ruby Singh, now based in Hyderabad but continuously wandering on every opportunity while working fulltime as an IT professional. While I have nothing against folks who claim to have quit there jobs to travel, in my books folks traveling while working full time deserve more admiration as they are the ones who are balaning worklife balance.  Ruby is also our featured traveler of the month and even the cover image of this post is from her Instagram account. While in the first image below she shares a letterbox from mofussil Koyyalagudem, West Godavari district, in the second image we see Ruby herself sitting in front of a colorful door in Koyyalagudem sharing quotes from Jim Morrison.

Now that is a what we desi are all about connected to our roots while embracing the world 🙂 May our tribe increase 🙂 

With this dear friends, l want to thank you for reading this December 2017 edition of desi Traveler digest, made possible by the wonderful travelers and photographers from around the world who have graciously used #desiTraveler on their Instagram images. If you would like to be featured in the future edition of desi Traveler digest then please do follow me on Instagram and use #desiTraveler in your images so that I can search for them.  Oh, and it does not hurt to share this blog post to share the work of fellow travelers 🙂


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