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July 2018 Calendar Wallpaper – Cycling In Ladakh

This blog post is about the July 2018 Calendar Wallpaper, that is yours free to download from desi Traveler blog.

But first a bit about the story behind the image.


Panting after walking 10 steps I settled on gravel to catch my breath and tried to focus my camera on the peak beyond the morning mist rising from the valley below. As I struggled to focus, a bouquet of colors punctured the monotonous dusty landscape around me, the clouds parted to let the blue skies also have a peek at what I was doing. I wondered what is coming our way from the road far away till the bouquet of colors started spreading. I wondered what is so colorful and is climbing this steep road in Ladakh, on the way to Nubra Valley. As the colors started splashing on the roads a row of cyclist started taking shape. I almost abused in disbelief,” Bloody ( replace it with your favorite cuss word ) I can’t even walk in this rarefied air and these fellows are cycling uphill and god knows from where they started. My disbelief vanished when the cyclists waved and passed on their infectious enthusiasm and smiles to me. I am telling you guys one of these days I will buy a mountain bike and hang colorful clothes on it and if all works well I may even enter those clothes. And if my wife jee is reading this please note > I will buy a mountain bike and take it for a ride in Gurgaon if not in Ladakh 🙂



That dear reader sums up how this image for the July 2018 Calendar wallpaper was made in Ladakh and is my all time favorite image for it combines the harmony of nature and the man, how we can be one with nature without destroying it, for I have always believed that cycling is one of the best ways of not only recreation and staying healthy but also to travel.

I recently did a series on Cycling that you may want to check. 

Anyways coming back to the July 2018 calendar, that features these cyclists in colorful attire and warm smiles, you can download the image from desi Traveler blog in 3 sizes

1024 px wide

1600 px wide

2100 px wide

Free download July 2018 Calendar Wallpaper - Cycling In Ladakh

July 2018 Calendar Wallpaper – Cycling In Ladakh


To download your July 2018 Calendar Wallpaper simply save the image on your desktop/laptop and use it as a monthly calendar. You are more than welcome to like, download, share, and print out this image in any size you want, my humble way to thank you to be a reader of desi Traveler blog. After all, what is a blog without readers? We may be living in the time of bot followers and bot likes on images and posts on social media but a million bots cannot bring the warmth of a heartfelt comment that a real human reader writes on the blog and that my dear friend is my prize, my medal that I cherish more than anything else.

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  1. Waiting for 2019 calender… Nice work

  2. Great blog!!! Looking for 2019 Calender. Keep it up!!!

  3. That’s a cool shot which look more interesting after reading your experience.

  4. such a nice Post and Nice information we really like this. we are also from mysore has a travel agent we can provide travel facility to your next trip

  5. Loved the post. Awesome Photography.

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