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Download September 2016 Desktop Calendar Wallpaper

Dear wonderful readers, for the month of September 2016 calendar let me present you the emerald waters of Dhankar Lake in Spiti. Earlier in the year, I have shared an image of Chandratal Lake in Spiti, that now has camping facilities and you can take a vehicle almost up to a kilometer to the lake. The good thing about the smaller but equally alluring Dhankar Lake is that hardly anybody treks to it though it is only about 2 hours climb  from Dhankar Monastery in Spiti.  The path is not very walk friendly and is strewn with loose small stones and you risk slipping if you are not careful. There are wild rose bushes blooming with light pink flowers all along the way.  Once you reach the lake there is no shadow as there are no trees or bushes and on a bright day you will have to brave the intense sun.

Read this earlier post about Trek To Dhankar Lake in Spiti for more details about this mystical lake where in the emerald waters you can see anything from goats drinking water, drifting clouds  and even your own soul reflecting  back if you look long enough. 

Desktop Calendar September 2016 Download

Desktop Calendar September 2016 – Featuring Dhankar Lake Spiti

You can download the September 2016 desktop calendar in following sizes by right clicking and saving the images.

1024 px Dhankar Lake Spiti

1600 px Dhankar Lake Spiti

2100 px Dhankar Lake Spiti  

How to download the September 2016 Calendar: Just right click on any of the links above for the image size you would like to download and save your September 2016 desktop wallpaper calendar, my gift for the readers of desi Traveler blog.  You are more than welcome to share the calendar further with your friends and family.

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  1. Awesome wallpaper..

  2. Beautiful.
    That walk through the not-so-walk-friendly-path was worth it, I see. 🙂

  3. Lovely gift, Prasad! Thank you 🙂

  4. Wow awesome pic. Thanks for the wallpaper .

  5. Beautiful… Trek toh pata nahi ho payega ya nahi but yes I would love to see Dhankar Lake in Spiti.

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