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February 2020 Wallpaper Calendar – Bombax ceiba Tree in Bloom


The February  2020 wallpaper calendar is here. The beauty of February is that it subtly announces that spring is just around the corner. The nights are still cold enough, and you want the late evening sunrays to caress you a little longer. While winter wants to stay a bit longer, summers are knocking on the door, February in Delhi is that brief spring about which many a poet has written about. The migratory birds are discussing when to start the return journey, the bulbul has started singing, and farmers in the fertile plains of North India are on vigil round the clock for their crops are forming pearls, irrigated by their sweat. All this is happening very slowly for Holi is still far and the winter can decide to stay for another fortnight, delaying the flight of the migratory birds, while bulbul goes silent and the farmer the poor farmer only doubles his prayers for he has already done what all he could now he only wishes that the crops get read so that he can dance with joy culminating the celebrations that start on Basant Panchami and peak on Baisakhi.

Amongst all this, the naked branches of Bombax ceiba decide to say goodbye to subtleties and one fine morning decides to go literally paint the town red. That dear reader is the formal announcement of end of winters and arrival of short-lived but long-awaited spring of Delhi

If you live in north India or are traveling to Delhi, keep an eye on the Bombax trees in your neighborhood and the day you see them wearing bright red flowers you will know spring has arrived.

The image for the February Calendar was clicked almost at the end of spring last year, and I hope to do better than last year this time and catch the tree when its robust branches are about to crack from the weight of its large red flowers. While the flowers also come in orange-yellow also mostly Red is the dominant color of these flowers.

As now I am loading images in Google directly you are welcome to download it and share further. The image is in high-resolution 2100 px wide and you can easily use it on lesser resolution screens. If you know of a better way to share these images and create multiple size calendars please do share with me as I would like to give it a try.

Here is the download link to the February 2020 Wallpaper Calendar featuring the Bombax ceiba tree.

Free download February 2020 Wallpaper Calendar

February 2020 Wallpaper Calendar Bombax ceiba tree in flowers

February 2020 Wallpaper Calendar Featuring Bombax ceiba Tree in flowers

I hope you would like the February 2020 Wallpaper Calendar and share it with your friends and family. If you want you can also download the same and take a printout for your personal use. The calendar is uploaded in high-resolution and it is good to make poster-size calendars if you want a printout.

With this, I would like to wish you a fabulous February and many thanks for visiting and reading the desi Traveler Blog. I know you have millions of choices and I can’t thank you enough to be reading my little blog 🙂  Do you know a beautiful Bombax tree in your neighborhood? How about clicking images and tagging me on Instagram? I would love to see and share those images.


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