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Why I am Shopping at CashKaro & You Should Too

Swati Bhargav Co-Founder CashKaro

Swati Bhargava – Co-Founder CashKaro

Many times I am asked this question “ How you make money online “ and I never really had a clear answer. But last week  I not only got shown “ How To Make Money Online” I have actually tried it on my own and actually made some real money. The best part of this? I actually made money while my wife was spending it. ? I am sure you are wondering what this funda is? Well, dear reader please read further and I will show “How to make money online” and that too when you are shopping.

So I was  doing research  on my PC when Wife Jee came and said,

“ We are already in January 2017 and the kid’s school session will end in March first week. I think we should book our next holiday asap to get some good deals.”

“Sure where do you want to go ?” I asked her

“I think we should plan our next holiday to hills as kids love going on hikes in the hills.”

“Sure, I said, why just holiday to the hills, I think we will buy some clothes also in advance so that there is no last minute rush.”

A Holiday in Hills and save some money too? Try CashKaro

Wife Jee’s jaw dropped as I am the last person who likes to go shopping but today was different as I not only wanted to book our next holiday to a hill station but also do some online shopping and make some money online.

You see, I was recently invited by the team of CashKaro at their office in Gurgaon and I met the founders Swati and Rohan Bhargava who were interacting with bloggers present and explained to us about the business and shopping rewards model of CashKaro for the customers.

Here I must add that the Blogger’s event at the office of CashKaro was a fun filled activity and their Social Media Team and the founders too actively participated with us in the event. I must say that CashKaro team is full of energy and everybody was enjoying what they were doing.

The blogger’s activities were divided into 2 sections. In the first activity, there was a dumb charade with a difference.

The blogger who was to enact the word was given the name of an online retailer like say Amazon, Flipkart, Jabong, Myntra, Urban Ladder etc. and they were to give us non-verbal clues about the online retailer they were enacting.

Can you guess what online retailer the blogger is enacting?

The second activity was equally fun where we were given some exercise where we were to hone our bargain hunting skills in a game of getting maximum cash back spending a minimum amount of cash. I thoroughly enjoyed the exercise and decided to give CashKaro a try once I reached home.

The moment I reached home I wanted to try some shopping at CashKaro and make some money.

You see the concept of CashKaro is simple.

CashKaro has tied up with all the major online retailers from A- for Amazon to Z for Zomato. Once you signup for CashKaro all you need to do is search for a product/service or deal on CashKaro and go to the retailers’ site via CashKaro. The software of CashKaro keeps a record of your purchase and as they are promoting the online retailer they get a referral commission from the retailer. So the good folks at CashKaro simply share a part of their earning with you, thus you end up making money online.

I must clarify here that you do not pay anything extra to the retailer or to CashKaro for this facility. Signing at CashKaro is ABSOLUTELY FREE and you start making money from your first transactions itself.

Now the question you may have is what is the big deal there are so many coupon sites? Well, dear reader, the difference is CASH. Unlike many sites out there CashKaro returns you real cash and not just coupons. You can give your bank A/c number to them and once they receive the cash back from the retailer, real CASH is given back to the shopper.

You can join CashKaro free using your email or Facebook account

As I wanted to check the process myself I decided to create an account with CashKaro myself.  The best part is you don’t have to create a new User ID or password (though you can) you can simply use your Facebook credentials to create a CashKaro account and the process takes only 10 seconds.

A for Amazon to Z for Zomato CashKaro has unlimited choices of online retailers

Once my account was created I focused back on booking the holidays to Hills, and the shopping that I have been postponing for some time as I did not want to drive in the mad Gurgaon traffic. So I called Wife Jee as said

“Remember that dress you wanted to go to the mall to buy that Suit and I have been postponing it for a week ?”

She looked at me with a puzzled look and said “Not a week, but a month, but anyways what about it ?”

“ Let us buy it online”, I said, “ You can  peacefully shop and once you have decided what you want to buy we will order it online right then.”

“  Needless to say Wife Jee was pleasantly surprised and gave me the same Lovey Dovey looks that she gave in the first year of our marriage.

So she started browsing and had soon chosen a couple of Suits, a pair of shoes for the elder daughter. Once she was done, we placed the order, and then I told Wife Jee that we just saved some additional 150 plus rupees over and above the discount on the retailers. She did not believe me and said

“ I will believe you when I see the money, remember the last time you got one of these online deals what happened?

Ah, that was my Achilles heel. A few month ago I spotted an online deal on a travel portal where they were offering a gift coupon on hotel booking for a 2-night stay so I have booked that deal. But our ordeal started when we wanted to book those hotel nights using the coupons.

First, the hotels offered in the deal were not something we liked, then there was a blackout period, then you needed to book 45 days in advance, then you had to still pay a 1000 Rs processing fee for the coupons. Then the nights you wanted should be available at the hotel you pick and they were never available the moment we told them we have coupons from the travel portal.

Needless to say, those holiday coupons were never used. No more. As CashKaro offers REAL CASH

Compare Prices + Get free Coupons and also earn Cashback

Based on my experience and as a traveler I wanted to check the travel deals on CashKaro as we are planning a holiday in hills the moment kids exams are over in March. I was happy to see that all the travel booking sites from Makemytrip to Oyo Rooms, to Redbus to many others like Hotels.com etc. were available on CashKaro. Not only that besides the regular deals CashKaro was offering Cashback on all the deals or a direct cash discount over and above the offer from the travel site. So needless to say we are booking our next holiday using the great deals on CashKaro. To find best travel deals on CashKaro Click here – http://cashkaro.com/products/travel/hotels

Hotel Companies, holiday companies, Bus booking you can get deals for all on CashKaro

CashKaro not only let you compare but also get Cashback on your next holiday

But the best was yet to come, today morning when I opened my email, I had an automated mail from CashKaro and it said

“Hi, Prasad!

We’ve just added Rs 179.29 Cashback / Rewards to your CashKaro account for the Myntra transaction you did via us. This will remain in ‘Pending’ status until the retailer pays us in 60–90 days.”

So I logged into my CashKaro account to find the money in the account.  But this is just the beginning as I am sure with our increasing preference to online shopping I will get more opportunity to shop online and like I said with CashKaro Online shopping is actually “ Making Money Online”

I have already earned Rs 179.29 at CashKaro

You can also join CashKaro to get CashBack

Before I close this post I would also like to share a few other things that I liked about CashKaro as a company and the founders.

While the CashKaro management is young they have solid educational and work experience behind them. Both the founders Swati and Rohan Bhargava are alumni of London School of Economics & Political Science and come with solid work experience in the UK and Silicon Valley.

While the vivacious Swati is the more visible face of the company both she and Rohan actively steer the organization and I was happy to learn that Mr. Ratan Tata is one of the key investors in CashKaro. From a cultural standpoint, I liked the fact that right from the CEO to the Office Boy everybody was wearing the exact same jacket, and the office was buzzing with positive energy.

Swai and Rohan Bhargava ( with cash in hand ) founders of CashKaro want you to make some cash

 Check some of the stories in  various online and offline media like here on Your Story about CashKaro

I am doing my next online shopping at CashKaro what about you? I have actually saved the best for the end

Let me give you one more reason to create an account and shop at CashKaro. You can create a referral link at CashKaro ( just like me ) and Invite your friends and get 10% of their Cashback / Rewards earnings forever! For example, say your friend earned Rs.5000 Cashback / Rewards, you would get Rs.500 as a referral bonus from CashKaro

So what are you thinking? Go for some shopping on CashKaro and make some real Cash as you shop.


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