Nov 042011

A Sweet Desi Discovery on a highway to Nagpur- Indian and 100% Desi Doughnuts
Some time ago I traveled to Pench National Park with a group travelers  enthusiastic about wildlife thanks to GHAC or Great Hyderabad Adventure Club.
While I will definitely write more in detail about the trip this particular post is about the Desi Doughnuts that I discovered on the way to Nagpur.
We could not get confirmed tickets for a train to Nagpur which is the nearest big town to start the journey towards Pench, Sunanda our fearless leader booked us on an overnight Volvo bus to Nagpur. Now I am somebody who does not sleeps very well on the bus seats no matter how comfortable it is. So I was turning and tossing in the bus seat the whole night I am sure to the discomfort of my fellow travelers. But we travelers are a very accommodating lot and nobody complained. Around 3 in the night the bus driver decided to stop the bus at a road side shack that was selling a few eatables. So I also decided to get down and gulp down a cup of extremely sweet tea.
indian doughnuts in highway dhaba
Desi Doughnuts
There on the counter I found these Desi Doughnuts taking the prime real estate on counter and waiting for hungry travelers to come and relish them. I tried to talk to the guy on the counter to explain me what they were but he was either too drunk or in no mood to spread knowledge at 3 am in the night ( It never occurred to me that he may not understand hindi) and just kept on smiling and looking at me.
So I could not get the name of the sweet but took these pictures from my phone camera. The picture quality is not very good but you can clearly see they resemble Doughnuts very closely and I am sure are either ancestors or at least distant cousin to the favorite American morning snack with coffee. If any one of you know what they are called locally and how they are made I will be very thankful to you.
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  1. They are called badushahs in hyderabad

  2. These look like balushahi with a hole. I am sure the batter is the same as Balushahi and in fact Donuts. Did you not dare to eat them? Or did the likely dust on them scare you away? 🙂

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