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May 2016 Desktop Calendar Wallpaper

Let us welcome the month of May, one of the hottest in North India with some cool breeze from Kunzum Pass, fluttering the prayer flags surrounding the gompas there. If you have ever been to any place with Buddhist Monasteries you must have noticed the colorful Buddhist flags, that flutter in the piercing cold mountain air. When I first saw them in Sikkim during  a college trip, I was so captivated with the colorful flags that I got one for me. But as a solitary flag does not put much of a show, we decided to get it framed like a painting. We still have the red flag with mantras written on it in our home, bringing back memories of  that trip that I went on as a college student.

It is believed in the hills that these flags with holy mantras written on them ward off evil spirits and guard the mountain passes keeping the locals safe as they traverse the treacherous terrain where weather can change in a moment.  For the month of May 2016 Calendar, I welcome you to download the Prayer Flags from Kunzum Pass, adorned with  mantras, prayers, and auspicious symbols on them the spiritual energy and vibrations of which are activated by the mountain wind.  The wind then  carries the divine vibrations across the valleys, villages and mountain passes for the greater good of people of the mountains, blessing them with positive energy, health, bounties of produce and healthy livestock. No one individual can stake a claim on the flags or the prayers, they are for the collective good of  all conscious beings.  At places, you will see large single piece flags known as Darchor flags, but more commonly  you will find small rectangular or square-shaped flags strewn in a string and fluttering in the air. These prayer flags are called Lung-ta and are more commonly found in Indian monasteries. 

The flags mainly come in 5 colors each representing a different element of universe
Blue: Sky and Space
White: Air and Wind
Red: Fire
Green: Water
Yellow: Earth

Besides the  mantras, the flags also have various symbols and motifs that are part of Tibetian Buddism but have a strong connect with Hinduism like a Conch Shell, Wind Horse, Wheel of Fortune, Golden Fish, Garuda, Lion various depictions of Buddha the enlightened one .  With this let me give you your copy of the May 2016, Desktop Calendar to download

May 2016 Calendar Desktop Wallpaper Download

Prayer Flags Kunzum Pass May 2016 Calendar Wallpaper

The Calendar is available in 3 Sizes for  you to download by right clicking the links below. These are high-resolution images and the true size will be seen only on downloading, not by viewing it in your browser. 

1024 Px May 2016 Calendar Download

1600 Px May 2016 Calendar Download

2100 Px May 2016 Calendar Download

So dear reader, go ahead download  some positive energy blessed with the mantras chanted by the winds blowing in  high mountain  passes from Spiti Valley. All the mountains asks in return is not to litter them when you visit them and not to destroy the fragile ecosystem that is under threat from global warming.

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Om Mani Padme Hum

ओम  मणि पद्मे हुं


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  1. Lovely! Really liked this piece 🙂

  2. colorful beauty 🙂

  3. Prayer flags are one of those sights that can lift up your spirits with all those colours.
    I’ve found windy weather also to do the same. 🙂

  4. Just awesome, Thanks a lot 🙂

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