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As an avid traveler and somebody who regularly goes on road trips Cars, are an integral part of my journeys.  So whenever there is a new car in the Indian market I immediately want to check it out. As a traveler and parent who travel with kids, I always look for the following in any new car

  1. Safety
  2. Comfort
  3. Quality
  4. Looks
  5. Mileage
New Platinum Etios from Toyota India

New Platinum Etios from Toyota India

So when I learned about the Brand New Platinum Etios sedan from Toyota I wanted to check her out on the above parameters.  As a parent driving with kids on the great Indian highways, safety is my biggest criteria for selecting and recommending any car. So safety was the first thing I checked in the New Platinum Etios also. Now Indian highways are not the safest in the world so, even if you are driving carefully one feels better if you are in a strong car as accidents can happen due to the mistake of other people also on the road.

I was happy to find that the Brand New Platinum Etios has been awarded 4 stars in Global NCAP crash test.  This sure is a comforting factor for anybody driving on Indian roads.

If you have traveled with kids you know how much emphasis one needs to give on the comfort of the kids and the kind of space even your little ones need. When we travel even for a small vacation we carry our world with us, so  besides luggage, we also have badminton sets, footballs, skateboards, loads of books and god knows what else the kids may fancy for the trip.  As the New Platinum Etios is a sedan you have ample leg room and boot space. Here the “Best in Class “592-liter boot is sure to come handy.

Once all the stuff goes into the boot the backseat is free for the kids to play or sleep. Here I really liked the seat divider between the rear seats. It clearly marks the territory between two kids and there will be no fights over territorial rights J Trust me acting peacemaker driving at 100 KM per hour between squabbling siblings over territorial rights is the last thing you want to do.  To you, it may be an arm rest but among for the parents, it is a symbol of peace in the backseat of the car.

One of the biggest challenges on Indian highways, especially in remote areas, is finding a service center. But would it not be better if your car was dependable and had minimum chances of a breakdown in the first place?  Well, you are in good hands, the New Platinum Etios has been ranked as “Most dependable Sedan” by JD Power in the mid-size entry level sedan category.

Some key specs of the New Platinum Etios

The Brand New Platinum Etios comes in 1496 cc petrol engine and a 1364 cc diesel engine, which makes it one of the most powerful cars in its category.  Even with such powerful engines the petrol version claims to give a mileage of 16.78 KMPL and the diesel one gives a mileage of 23.59 KMPL under controlled test conditions.

But I was most impressed by the 3 years 100,000 KM Warranty that kind of gives some assurance how confident Toyota is of the quality and reliability of the New Platinum Etios.

Watch this commercial by Toyota India about the Brand New Platinum Etios


To know more about the Brand New Platinum Etios and book a test drive visit following links

Official website of  Etios India


Toyota Corporate Site


So go ahead and book your test ride for  the Brand New Platinum Etios from Toyota India the latest entrant in mid-size entry Sedans in India with many first and best in class features that put the safety and comfort of your family first.

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  1. Good looks, outside and inside. I love the size of the boot. :)… Hahaha.. I like your comment about the arm rest.

  2. We too travel with kids more often than not and I agree that safety, comfort and reliability are the main features we look for as family travellers.

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