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desi Traveler stays at Plaza Athenee Bangkok

Lobby Plaza Athenee Bangkok

Straight from the Golden Era of Movies – The Lobby at Plaza Athenee Bangkok


Bangkok is the most visited city in the world and that leads to opening of a large number of hotels and resorts in the Thai Capital.  But a large number of hotels at every price point also mean that there is cut throat competition in the hotels business in Bangkok. No wonder hotels in Bangkok are always trying to up the game and set new standards for hospitality for both the business and pleasure traveler.

In my last visit to Bangkok,  during the Thailand Tourism Festival, I stayed in Plaza Athenee Bangkok, a Royal Meridien Hotel. Now I was aware of the Meridien Hotels but was not sure why this one is called A Royal Meridien. In came to our helpful host Mr. Shah from the hotel who was explaining us the history of the hotel, he gave me 2 reasons why the Plaza Athenee is a Royal Meridien. While there are numerous Meridien hotels around the world less than 20 are accorded the status of Royal Meridien as the Royal Meridien brand takes the luxury to the next level which only the very best properties around the world can offer.

Besides the branding part, the Plaza Athenee Bangkok also has a real Royal history going back to Thai Princess Valaya Alongkorn.  Renowned for her ability to elevate European styles with a Thai aesthetic, Princess Valaya’s influence was seen in everything from interior design to flower arranging. It was her mastery of these pursuits that are integral aspects of the modeling of Plaza Athénée Bangkok. Check the quote below from the hotel website about how they define the luxury experience.

A stay in the Plaza Athénée Bangkok invokes a feeling of long-lost tradition and nostalgia. The hotel has achieved their design goal to bring back the Thai-Colonial style of Princess Valaya Alongkorn’s era, sympathetically combining it with the modern world defining “Thai Transitional Luxury”.

Indeed from the moment you enter the hotel and see the jaw-dropping movie style Royal Lobby you know you are in for some real luxury in this hotel.

The Plaza Athenee Bangkok Lobby

The Plaza Athenee Bangkok is Royal not just in its name but also in lineage

My room at the Plaza Athenee was well appointed with all the modern amenities and a wonderful view of Bangkok Skyline. Though my stay was a short one, I still explored the hotel to get a first-hand feeling of what all facilities the hotel has.

I really liked the 24-hour gym where trainers are available to help you with your exercise regime. There is an all season pool with a view and a lovely garden that incorporates Thai as well as European features. Right next to the pool is a well-stocked bar.

The Plaza Athenee Bangkok room

Each room is tastefully done and well appointed

The Plaza Athenee Bangkok

Some of the in-room amenities. BTW I ate the chocolate before clicking 🙂

The Plaza Athenee Bangkok view

View from my room at The Plaza Athenee Bangkok

But what impressed me the most was the visit to Suites at the Plaza Athenee. Each of the suites has its own personality and is individually decorated with a particular theme in mind. The themes vary from the Royal Thai to contemporary designs. Each suit offers working office, bedrooms, and even a kitchen. Some of the suits are so large that they give an impression of being on your own floor. Check the details of various suits at Plaza Athenee here.

Swimming pool Plaza Athenee Bangkok

The Pool at level 4 of Plaza Athenee Bangkok

Suites at Plaza Athenee Bangkok

One of the Suites at Plaza Athenee Bangkok

Suites at Plaza Athenee Bangkok

Now, who would not want to stay here?

Suites at Plaza Athenee Bangkok

Who wants a bubble bath?

Let me also highlight a bit about the food at the Plaza Athenee, as a vegetarian I was very happy to find a dedicated Vegetarian section in the buffet and also in the A-La-Carte menu. But the best part was that not only there was a dedicated vegetarian section there was even a dedicated Indian Food section that had food made the desi style. A clear indicator of the influence desi Travelers are making on the global travel industry. The buffet has almost unlimited options for every course of the meal along with live counters from Soup of the day to pizzas and dumplings. But as somebody with a sweet tooth, I am always interested in desserts and was pleased with the various desserts on offer.

Buffet at Suites at Plaza Athenee Bangkok

What does THE desi Traveler want ? An Indian corner at the Buffet

Rain Tree Cafe Plaza Athenee Bangkok

A part of the Buffet Area at the Rain Tree Cafe

Wine Selection Rain Tree Cafe Plaza Athenee Bangkok

This one is for those who like the new world wines

Rain Tree Cafe Plaza Athenee Bangkok

My favorite part of the meal is always, ALWAYS the dessert section 🙂

Tender Coconut Water Shrinidhi Hande

Some tender Coconut Water for the Great Coconut Blogger of India, I hope he is reading this

One of the high points of my stay at the Plaza Athenee was the excellent buffet options both at the breakfast and dinner in the Rain Tree Café on the ground floor of the hotel. Though they have other restaurants and bar including a French, A Thai, a Cantonese restaurant beside poolside bar on level 4 aptly named The View.

Based on my understanding of newspaper reports & hotel management Bangkok is a popular destination for Indian Weddings with Plaza Athenee hosting many of these every year.  The large meeting & banquet room at the Plaza Athenee serve as a good location for the same. The hotel is also popular for MICE events or Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, and Exhibitions.

Banquet Hall Plaza Athenee Bangkok

One of the smaller halls at the Plaza Athenee Bangkok – the big ones are really big, I mean REAL big

Where is the Plaza Athenee Bangkok Located?

The Plaza Athenee is located at 61 Wireless Road (Witthayu), Lumpini, Pathumwan, Bangkok, 10330, Thailand, and is within walking distance from the Bangkok Skytrain. There are many shopping malls are within walking distance, including one approachable by a skywalk as it is part of the same complex. In fact, the main venue of the Thailand Tourism Festival for which I was in Bangkok was only 1.4 KM from the hotel, so that was very convenient.

Overall I can say that if you are in Bangkok and looking for a luxury hotel right in the middle of the city that has good food, excellent service and a touch of Royalty you should book into  Plaza Athenee Bangkok,  A Royal Meridien Hotel, now part of Starwood Hotels.

Some useful information about the Plaza Athenee Bangkok

Website of  Plaza Athenee Bangkok 

Phone: +66 (0) 2650 8800  

Reservations: 001-800-656-469

Nearest Skytrain Station:  Phloen Chit Station

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Plaza Athénée Bangkok, A Royal Méridien Hotel Review

Plaza Athénée Bangkok, A Royal Méridien Hotel

My this visit to Amazing Thailand was on the invitation of TAT New Delhi and more posts are coming soon. Stay Tuned 🙂

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  1. It seems you enjoyed a royal stat in the hotel. The photos are beautiful and provides good view of every part of the hotel…

  2. Wonderful review and some amazing captures. The grandeur and decor of this hotel are simply wow!

  3. This looks like a great place 🙂

  4. Very modern and neat.
    Coconut blogger? The guy who’d reviews coconut water? 😉

  5. hotel looks royal, indeed. and the rooms are colourful n luxurious. Sneak peak into the history is interesting. It seems a good hotel for both business and leisure purpose. Good coverage, Prasad.

  6. I quite enjoyed my stay here. The best part was that they are so well equipped to handle events of all kinds.

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