Oct 292015

That I love to travel is not a secret.  Not only distant dream destinations, I love to explore my own city also. For last few years it is my ritual to click pictures of Ravana under construction in Tatarpur and Tagore Garden area of West Delhi.  Right under the blue line of metro you can see Ravans under construction of all shape and sizes. Like every year I reached the Ravan market of Delhi and was trying to click pictures of Ravans under various stages of completion. There were Ravan heads lying on ground, with only one eye made, nearby some huge moustaches were getting colored to the Ravan look fierce. I was watching all this while clicking some pictures also; soon I was surrounded by some Ravan makers. Most of them illiterate migrant workers who do odd jobs in the city like making Ravan before Dassehra. So I asked them how did they learned making Ravan.  Immediately they pointed me to their Guru jee a middle-aged man who has not joined our conversation, and was still busy creating moustache of a Ravan. So I walked up to Guru jee and requested him if I can take a few of his pictures.   Guru jee turned out to be a shy one and said

“No sir, my pictures don’t come nice so no point, you take pictures of the kids and Ravan”

But now I wanted to take picture of the Ravan maker as anybody can click a Ravan but click a Ravan maker now that is something. As I was thinking how to convince Pavan aka Guru jee to click a picture or two, I remembered this video about ASUS Zenfone Selfie campaign — #DonateaSelfie.

In this video  above some people click their selfies and when they see their selfie being highlighted in a mall they jump with joy like all Indians dance when Indian Batsmen send a ball outside Eden Gardens. Each selfie has a story and emotions attached to it. A selfie is not just a picture; it is a postcard of love that the people in video are sending to their loved ones.

So I asked  Guru jee, “Why don’t you take your selfie, after all you can see how you are looking in the picture and click it with the Ravans you have made? “

Everybody in the group cheered in chorus and Pavan agreed to click his selfie.  

Selfie with Ravan

Pavan Bhai trying his first Selife

He was a bit awkward in the first picture. But he really enjoyed the process of clicking his selfie and then after 2-3 clicks he mastered the art of clicking a selfie. Selfie with Ravan maker Zenfone (2)Soon he was composing like a pro and I just love his selfie here where he is grinning between 2 Ravans who too seem to be pleased for being clicked by their maker.

Selfie with Ravan maker Zenfone (3)

A Good Selfie makes everybody happy 🙂

Soon everybody wanted to click their selfie from Zenfone selfie , and this boy Sooraj turned out to be real good and the two selfies he took both turned out to be good.

Selfie with Ravan #DonateaSelfie

Sooraj trying his Selfie With Ravan

Selfie with Ravan #DonateaSelife

He turned out to be a natural at clicking a Selfie

I think I have a new mantra from now onward, not only will I click pictures of people I meet; I will also let them play with Zenfone selfie  and let them click selfies. After all what can be better than to #DonateaSelfie that brings a big smile?  You can buy your Zenfone selfie from Flipkart here .

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. But if the picture brings a smile on somebody’s face, then I think the picture is priceless.  

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  1. Beautiful post and so true about the pictures that you say towards the end… really loved the way how you presented it in your desi touch – priceless 🙂

  2. Interesting story. I too like going out on the streets and capturing people in their natural environment.

  3. So true …”a picture is worth a thousand words” and look at the happy faces .. i think Ravan would have been interested to take his own selfie 😉

  4. Good one!! Though I was looking for your selfie and was disappointed at not finding it 🙂

  5. Oh no! I was expecting a selfie here at least.

    I mean yours. 🙂

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