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How to use your Cellphone in Self Defense

The old saying goes “Ignorance is bliss”, but I bet to disagree, there is nothing more dangerous than ignorance.  We are living in 21st century surrounded by all kind of gadgets and apps yet we totally chose to ignore them as we all live in a false sense of security.

But why let me ask you? You travel in metro or bus or even go to park and you will find people continuously playing games on their mobile phones, chatting and clicking pictures with mobile phones.  The ubiquitous mobile phone has become more than a means to talk it is your messaging center, gaming console, stock trading platform, money transfer medium but nobody is using it as a self defense weapon.

Did I say self defense weapon? Yes I did, no I do not mean that you use it as a brick in case somebody attacks you (though that is an option available to you). Your smart phone cannot be called smart if all you are using it to play games, chat and talk and talk and talk. A phone can be called smart only when it is becoming a tool to make your life simple, and safe. After all a phone is just a small computer and as the old saying goes GIGO: Garbage in Garbage Out, use your phone to play games and it is just a toy, use it as a self defense tool and it may save your life one day.

What I mean is that using technology and a super smart app called SMART SURAKSHA your phone also becomes yourself defense tool. The principle is very simple and easy to use. Once you download SMART SURAKSHA on your phone, you can easily configure it to send SMS to 5 of your trusted contact that you are in danger.  Not only it will send the SMS, but it will also send your location using GPS (Global Positioning System using advance satellites in space).  The beauty is that all this works with a click of a single button even when your GPS on the phone is switched off. That single click will broadcast the message that you are in danger and need help to 5 of your contacts and pinpoints your exact location. All you need to do is downloading and install it on your phone. Also please be smart enough to make sure that your battery is always charged when you step out of home.

Wherever I read or think about Nirbahaya, that brave journalist in Mumbai, software engineer in Hyderabad I only give a sigh and wish ‘I wish She had Smart Suraksha with her.  For all of them are  not just statistics or  headlines each one of them is one of us and part of our life, we may not know them but they are one of us the common people the masses. No Black CAT Commandos or Z class security for any one of us, but what we can and should do is use Smart Suraksha on our phone and stop living in ignorance that everything is fine.  Everything will be fine once we are aware of our surroundings and ready for self-defense when needed.  It is very easy to install Smart Suraksha on your phone here are some steps

 Download Smart Suraksha by clicking here and then follow these super simple steps.

How to install smart suraksha app for women safety

it is very easy to install Smart Suraksha

steps to install smart suraksha app for women safety

Choose your mobile phone to install Smart Suraksha

steps to install smart suraksha app for women safety

Almost done….one you click OK

steps to install smart suraksha app for women safetyAll done just add numbers you want to inform when in danger

Important points: You need to have an active data/wifi connection to install the app on  your phone, oh and did I tell you SMART SURAKSHA is FREE :), so don’t wait go ahead and install it on your phone and show every body not only your phone but you are also smart. 🙂

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