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How  A Pochampally Ikat Sari is made step by step

I hope you have read my post on the Pochampally Saris and my visit to the Bhoodan Pochampally Village on the Sankranthi festival when the whole village was decorated with beautiful Rangolis. Some time back my friend and an excellent photographer Pravin Dwivedi also visited Bhoodan Pochampally village and studied the complete process of making of a Pochampally Ikat or Ikkat Sari.

He personally visited the homes and workshops of weavers in the Pochampally Village and photographed them making the Pochampally Ikat sari. Every step from making the thread to dyeing, designing and weaving on handloom of a Pochampally Sari from start to finish was photographed. He closely photographed every single step of making of a sari and created this awesome Collage of images that take you on a complete journey of making of a Pochampally Ikat Sari. I think this is one of the finest examples of photographing the journey of a Pochampally Ikat Sari from start to finish.

steps of making of pochampally ikat sari

The Love, Sweat, Design, Heritage, Tradition and Culture of  Making A Pochampally Ikat Sari

In this single collage of 23 images, Pravin has captured the love, the hard work, the passion, heritage and culture and tradition of Pochampally Ikat Sari, step by step. Today Pochampally Saris are available in all big showrooms as well as in small stall like you find in Shilparamam, though the financial condition of the weavers is still very bad and they struggle to meet both ends meet. Most of the weavers are unable to afford the beautiful saris they make even after all the hard work.  Are you aware that Weavers of India have one of the highest Suicide Rate in the country right next to farmers? As most of them get caught in the debt trap of money lenders in villages due to lack of working capital and delay in payment. This is where organizations like Rang De come into the picture as Rang De works towards providing low-cost loans to rural entrepreneurs with help of crowd funding. I have myself traveled with Rang De and support their initiative. You can also join

You can also join Rang De and help eliminate poverty one rural entrepreneur at a time. 

If you want to know how to reach Pochampally village and the role village played in the Bhoodaan movement please read the earlier posts to Know more about 

Pochampally Village 

Rangoli Designs Made in Pochampally on Sankranthi Festival


About Photographer: Pravin Dwivedi has a very keen interest in the traditions and heritage of India and his pictures of Hampi are out of this world. You can check some of his work by visiting his Facebook page. Originally from Patna, he lives in Hyderabad with his family and works for an IT company.

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  1. Fascinating! I enlarged the pic and had a good look at it. I would love to watch the whole process in person. 🙂

  2. Once again something new, informative and interesting too. Thanks Desi Traveller.

  3. Excellent explanation…Thanks Desitraveler

  4. Very good details in photographs, i am reminded of the weaving of baluchuri silks.

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