Jan 012013
Evil Eye In India - Nazar Battu as seen in Bazaar

Evil Eye Guy Your Face Black —Let us begin the New Year by saying Evil Eye Guy Your Face Black. Happy New Year.Evil Eye Guy Your Face Black or Boori Nazar Wale Tera Muh Kala is an old saying in this country. Racist to the core as it marks that evil guys are black, it probably has its roots in the victorious and fair-complexioned Aryans who some consider the original racists in this country and probably on this planet. Anyways this post is not about racism it is about the Evil eye or Nazar Battu that we see almost [Continue Reading By Clicking Here…]

Oct 122012
Reptiles of Rajasthan- Lizards of desert at both end of Food Chain

Spiny Tailed Lizard and other reptiles of desert in Rajasthan Spiny Tailed Lizard – Called Sanda in Hindi You and I may not like reptiles but there are other creatures that just love them. Reptiles are a major food source for many predators and this post is about Reptiles of Rajasthan found in the Tal Chhapar wildlife sanctuary. One question that has haunted me since we reached Tal Chhapar was why all these eagles come here when they could be anywhere. Some of the answers to the same were it is safe to be here, it is on the way [Continue Reading By Clicking Here…]