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My Sachin Tendulkar Moment

As Sachin was giving his emotional speech in Wankhede stadium, I was remembering my few seconds when I saw him, off the cricket ground in real life.  I still cherish the moment. And this is coming from one of the few Indians ( my kind can be counted on fingers), who is not a fan of Cricket, but it never stopped me from being a Sachin Tendulkar Fan. For me cricket has always been just a game but Sachin an icon.  Well long story short, I was at Mumbai airport to pickup my sister and brother who were arriving from Delhi. I was standing outside when  a lady with two kids arrived with some machine gun totting black cats kinds and silently stood in a corner while her kids were being kids and running around. The machine gun guy maintained a distance from the woman and the kids but I could make out he is for there security.  I was also enjoying the antics of the kids without any idea who they were.

Soon the flight arrived and the first person to emerge out of the airport was non other than our own Sachin Tendulkar ( this was more than 10 years ago), the two kids ran into his arms, while the lady waited silently. I now realized that the lady was  Sachin’s wife Anjali Tendulkar and the kids were his son and daughter.  Within a few seconds he got in the car with his family and vanished from the scene, before star struck fans like me could mob him for autographs.

When my sister and brother came out of the plane they boasted to  have traveled with Sachin, and I had my story to tell them, that not only I had a darshan of the master himself but also saw him in a very personal moment  hugging his kids.  I remembered this story today when I tweeted from my twitter account @desiTraveler, to @BCCI #ThankYouSachin You will continue to inspire generations to come. Immediately I got this picture with Sachin’s personalized autograph.  I do no this is an automated computer generated response, but what the  heck it is still to be cherished just like my few seconds when I saw the master blaster at Mumbai Airport , more than a decade ago.

Sachin Tendulkar Autograph

My personalized autograph by Sachin Tendulkar 🙂

You can also get your personalized digital autograph of Sachin by tweeting to @BCCI with #ThankYouSachin and your thank you note. This is what I wrote: #ThankYouSachin You will continue to inspire generations to come. So don’t wait go ahead and say thanks to Sachin on Twitter and get your personalized digital autograph from Sachin Tendulkar. Do you have any special memories with the master blaster? How about sharing them with others as Sachin is our common  hero in a country that desperately needs some. Do share this post with your friends and family on Facebook, Twitter and Google plus. You can also subscribe to email updates to be directly delivered in  your mailbox, with no spam guarantee personally signed by desi Traveler 🙂

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  1. I am one of those few Indians, like you. Not a fan of cricket, but a fan of sachin :-)…waiting for my moment with the Titan one day.

  2. Wonderful told story! A true moment to remember:-)

  3. Indeed a Priceless moment to See such an Icon that to in Personal Moment meeting his Family.. 😀

  4. I am in the same boat I do not enjoy cricket or anything associated with cricket. But what a moment you had!

  5. Good for you! 🙂

  6. Aww this is so brilliant .. I am going to get one too … priceless !!

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