May 312012
I was browsing through some of my photos of my visit to US last year, I stayed in same hotel in different seasons. Below is a photo during late summer/early autumn, nothing great about the picture till you start comparing it with the picture of the same parking lot when I was there in winters.
cars in parking
Parking Lot of Hotel During Summer

The scenery in winters in totally different and is to be seen to believed in and for some body like me who has seen snow only a few times earlier in life it was a dream come true. Though I was shivering to the bone I still wanted to enjoy in snow like a child, till I started sneezing and the hotel receptionist came out to scream at me.
To check the parking lot during winters please click here.
I am looking at my other photos of the same venue taken during different seasons and once found will share them. The pic quality is not very good as they have been taken through my mobile phone, shivering in sub zero temperature with a big grin on the face:) 🙂

Oh and by the way the title of the post is deliberately 5 seasons and not 4 Seasons as I did not stayed in 4 seasons hotel, but in a Marriott in 5 different seasons.

Thanks for reading.

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  1. Hi Nona, thanks a lot.

  2. It was a good experience to read the articles and contents on this site.

  3. It was a good experience to read the articles and contents on this site.

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