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ghatam player dr  karthick
Ghatam Dr. S. Karthick
When every single day you hear about the competition between Sheila Kee Jawani and Munni Kee Badnamee, only to be toppled by Chammak Challo kind of songs, you just wish that songs simply do not have vocals but only the beats. It was pleasant surprise when I received an Invitation from PBEL City to attend an evening with Hydourite, where Ghatam maestro Dr. Karthickwas performing. Hydourite has been coined from “My Hyderabad My favourite” and will be used as a platform to orgnaize various events in Hyderabad to showcase and celebrate the spirit, heritage, tehzeeb and future of Hyderabad.

I never had the good fortune of attending a concert by Dr. Karthick, so lapped up the opportunity, my only concern being how the kids will behave during the concert.  Missus suggested a simple solution that we will take a corner seat close to the door so that if the kids become more vocal than the instruments we can quickly move out of the auditorium without disturbing others. The concert was in brand new Avasa Hotel which was being launched with this function.

In order to grab the corner seats close to the gate we reached well ahead of time. Fortunately the kids were very well-behaved most of the time and the cell phone games in the silent mode did trick when they were getting antsy.
Now Ghatam is a simple earthen pot baked well and used as a musical instrument. Please don’t go by its earthy origin, this humble pot given in the  hands of magicians like Dr. Karthick can produce heavenly sound that can easily transport you from Hyderabad to Salzburg to Sand dunes. How? Please continue to read.

musicians in concert in hyderabad

Dr Ghatam Karthick and Team

An Evening To Cherish

Dr. Karthick is a heavy weight in many ways and music is only one of them, he instantly connected with the audience with his warm smile and pleasing personality. In spite of his large frame his eyes still have a twinkle that you will see in the paintings of Balkrishna from Thanjavur. Though he is a world-famous artist, he started by applauding and encouraging the young musicians who were accompanying him.

Every time the audience will burst into an applaud he will name one of the musicians with him who was playing and deflect the thundering applaud towards them. Only a true master has the humility to divert praise to his fellow artists, it is a big lesson for us credit hungry corporate types. As the evening was dedicated to “Percussion Fantasy” there were minimal vocals, but here also Dr. Karthick amazed us with control and range on the vocals. Now I am no exponent of Carnatic music, but from the first recital of Ganesh vandana itself I reached in a zone and my hands and legs were tapping in sync.  Soon the whole audience was immersed in pure joy and were enjoying every beat that was accompanying the divine waves that were engulfing us.

In The Zone
He has a knack to connect with audience and for every composition he would explain to us in the beginning and end how the music took us from India to Salzburg, to Düsseldorf to sand dunes of Rajasthan to the green fields of Thanjavur in Kaveri Delta. Before one of the recitals he explained that this raga is about nature and about conservation of Vrikshas or Trees. Needless to say a nature lover like me immediately became a fan for life; classical soul-stirring music combined with love for mother  nature what else can you ask from a musical genius?

The highlight of the evening was a Percussion fusion that lasted for more than 15 minutes that took us on a journey that we will remember for a long time to come. Hyderabad has great audience and gave a standing ovation to the performing master till he was compelled to agree to give us 3 more wonderful compositions.

Unfortunately I was told that cameras are not allowed and video recording would not be permitted so I only had my trusted cell phone to take pictures.  My elder daughter volunteered to be the photographer for the evening so that I can enjoy the music. I am sure the organizers of the program will put better pictures and video on the web, I will add those links once active.

Thanks for reading.

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  1. Dear Dr. Karthick: It is an honor to receive a comment from you side. Thanks a lot once again for making us Hydrabadis enjoy your music and taking time to write on the blog.

    Thanks a million for your overwhelming review of the Concert. I am very touched by your generous appreciation which inspires me to do better and better in the future efforts.
    Thanks again
    Keep smiling
    Ghatam KARTHICK

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