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Here I give you 9 simple tips for photographing kids in home. I remember as a kid going to a photo studio with my sister on my 5th birthday to get a picture clicked. More than the photo it was the fuss created by two of us to get our picture immediately that I still l remember. Those were the pre digital era days and instant gratification from the pictures clicked was many years away. My first SLR was way back in 97 during the film days, I have spent 2 months salary to get one. I still have the same resting on a silk scarf with some moth balls.  When traveling for my travel blog I carry my DSLR with all kind of zoom and other lenses (they don’t make you a better photographer only make your bag heavy), but when it comes to clicking pictures at home I trust my mobile phone with a basic 5 MP camera.


What Not to Do When Clicking Kids

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  1. The post processing part is relevant for adults too. Maybe more so, after a drink or two.

  2. these are some very valuable tips! although i hardly click any photographs but will share these tips with those who do

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