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This year Hyderabad was blessed with some very good rains though it is a bit late in the year to write about the rains more so as I have already written about the same earlier. All the lakes like Hussain Sagar, Gandipet, Osman sagar, ICRISAT, Pocharam Dam etc in and around city are full of water. Even a small lake like the Peerancheru, next to PBEL city and APPA Junction is full of water.

water birds of Hyderabad in a lake

Cormorants Basking in Sun in Peerancheru Lake near PBEL City

This brings me the topic of this post. We were visiting Peerancheru lake near PBEL City, and I saw these 2 guys fishing using make shift rafts from discarded packing material. This bounty of nature has brought new opportunities for local fishermen and t hey are taking full advantage of the same. The Peerancheru lake is not very deep, only about Buffalo deep, as I have seen buffaloes many times blissfully crossing the same with only their heads visible in the water. Just to add here Peerancheru is named after a Peer Baba whose Dargah is on a small  hillock next to the lake


The two guys were putting  nets into water to catch fish, which are of huge size in the lake. A few months ago when I was clicking birds on the bank of the Peerancheru lake I saw a fish lying on the bank, probably a discard from an eagle, it must  have been around 2-3 Kilos in weight and was about 1.5 feet in length.

Fish on the bank of Peerancheru lake

This Fish was too big for the Eagle to Carry

Fishing in Peerancheru Lake PBEL City

Makeshift raft for fishing in Lake

The fishermen in the evening sell the catch of the day on the bank of the lake and the excess  sent to the market in a truck. If you love fish and want to buy some fresh water fresh fish then head to the Peerancheru lake.

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You can easily reach PBEL city  from Langar House side, it is next to Shaadan college when you are going toward APPA Junction from Langar House.If you are coming from the ORR in Hyderabad take Exit 18 towards APPA Junction and you will see the boards of PBEL city after just about 500 meters, follow the same and you will see Peerancheru lake the moment you take the small winding road to PBEL city.

fishing rafts in hyderabad lake

Make Shift Rafts for Fishing in Peerancheru Lake

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  1. Not aware that such lake exists within our city! I liked the simple post, and the guideline for reaching the lake. Keep the good work going.

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