May 022012
We are so caught up in our day to day things that some time we forget very beautiful things around. It is very common for us to miss a beautiful bird sitting on the tree right in front of our home or even the blossoms on the tree.

But every once in a while you get to see some thing that you just stop and want to click a picture and wish you had contributed in the creation of the same.
Recently while visiting a resort on a vacation with my kids I came across this flower, shying away from eyes in a dark corner of the garden. It was later in evening and the light was not much, but still the flower had something that made me stop and look at it totally mesmerized. I took a picture and am sharing it here with you.
Making A Dark Corner Come To Life
Under normal circumstances I would have not noticed the flower but since the flower was making a dark corner come alive, it was screaming for attention. The picture was taken from my cell phone camera and I have no idea about the name of the flower.Any body knowing the name of the flower please comment on the same.

Thanks for reading.

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  1. Loved the blog…

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