Apr 212012
I started my day with the hopes of capturing a few photos of the elusive dark blue Humming bird that I have been spotting every day in the flower bed. But it has been proving too fast to be captured on my phone the only equipment I have when I come down every morning to drop my daughter for her school bus.
So today I came down armed with my Nikon D7000 and 55-300 lens hoping to be faster than the humming bird. 
But the humming bird had other plans and had decided to take off the moment it saw me equipped with my gear. I wanted to head back to my own nest perched on the 16th floor, but as I was turning around I spotted a Chameleon  also called Oriental garden lizard (Calotes versicolor), trying to climb out of shade into the warmth of sunlight.
I clicked a few pictures and decided to look for more. I could find 2 more of his brethren in the complex.  Since the walls of the complex are painted white I could not spot them in the colors of political parities they support. Below is the pic of the first one, eyeing me suspiciously.
Coming Out To Enjoy Sunlight
Please click here to see more of them. Each picture is of a different individual chameleon.

If you came here looking for the song by the British band Culture Club please click here
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  1. Thanks Joshidaniel

  2. this looks really great 🙂

  3. Thanks Kannaji and Ramakant. Do check the other pics on the link to FB


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