May 262017
The below image by Jayanti Pandey is special in more ways than one. She not only shares the picture of her 80+ mother, but the images are from their travel to Kashmir. I was amazed to read the story that her mother had wanted to visit Kashmir from an early age but could never go due to one reason or another. Finally, she and Jayanti went together to Kashmir on a holiday. Hats off to Jayanti and hats off to her mom for being the inspiration to all of us desi Travelers.

She was all of ten when perhaps she first articulated the desire to see Kashmir. Year 1937. India was going through the wave of nationalism and Calcutta, where she lived, was quite the hub of all fervour. The desire remained that , a desire. India attained freedom. Year 1947. But by then she was married and had already become a mother. The desire remained that, a desire; now not even articulated. Decades and decades went by, the family became larger, responsibilities increased manifold and like possibly many other dreams, the one of seeing Kashmir was tucked away , far back for no one to know. For mothers, especially of her generation, lived only for their children. Till one day , Year 2007, during one of our many discussions over post dinner coffee I badgered her into talking about how she may have wanted life to be different or if she had any desires unfulfilled. Not one to reveal easily, she hemmed and hawed but finally shared her innermost thoughts of even when she was a young girl and a bride. There was not much I could change but the travel wish was one which remained with me, gnawing away at me. It took 7 more years, Year 2014, when she was age 87, more fragile in health , for the trip to materialise. We could not travel through Kashmir as her frail body no longer had the strength but we did spend some magical days in Srinagar where I tried to give my mother memories to keep her in good health and spirits; and I too gathered many a memory which would be mine, and mine alone to treasure forever. ---------------- #cntravellerindia @cntraveller @cntraveler #tripwithmom #desitraveler #Kashmir #Srinagar #huffpostgram #nothingisordinary #memoriesforlife #motherdaughtertravel #mypixeldiary #CNTGiveitashot #photostory #Himalayas #shikara #dallake #tulipgardens #writersofinstagram #poetsofinstagram #ig_great_pics #one_life_to_travel #andsoifelt #mothersday

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  1. Such a novel idea, a cool one at that.
    Can anybody use the #desitraveler to qualify for these digests? I mean even people you’ve already discovered. 😉

  2. Thank you Prasad for this compilation and for all the warm words and comments. Whatever I have achieved, little or more, is thanks to my parents and especially to Ma. I owe it all to her and her unconditional love and sacrifice. I am glad her story touched a chord. Thrilled to be part of this gallery and series.

  3. Oh wow! I loved this edition of your digest, Prasad. I will be sure to follow some of these folks. My favourites were the first picture and the mother and daughter one. 🙂

  4. Such a wonderful post, each image celebrating the myriad joys of travel in a peculiar way. Thank you for featuring mine, delighted to see My Yatra Diary… in the first edition of desi insta digest 🙂

  5. Nice initiative, Prasad ji.

  6. The Matka picture is great!

  7. Wonderful compilation. Great work

  8. Thanks Prasad for putting my picture here 🙂 So happy. I loved reading this digest format.

  9. I remember the day when you posted about this Travel Digest idea on your Instagram Profile and at that very instance, I told you that how much I loved the concept. It’s amazing to see how wonderfully people responded to the idea. Also, am glad you liked the pic and gave such lovely feedback for it. Your appreciation truly means a lot for any travel and photography enthusiast.

    Thanks a heap for the feature! Loved all the entries too. 🙂

  10. So Glad to be a part of this Beautiful Series. All the Pics above here bring a Huge Huge 😀 Yay! super happy to be on Desitraveler Blog. Thanks for the Honour!

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