Dec 312015
Most shared blog posts of 2015 on desi Traveler

  Which are the most shared  viral  blog posts of 2015 ? OK, ladies and gentlemen, traveler and tourists here is the customary good by post for 2015.  Not that I am a great believer in customary post but as we bid adieu to 2015 let me go back to 2015 and look at most shared travel blog posts of desi Traveler. By the readers. First of all let us understand what I mean by shared and viral posts: A post for me is shared or viral if it is shared more than 100 times, by readers or social network. [Continue Reading By Clicking Here…]

Dec 062013

Video of the Biggest Baobab Tree of India: Hatiyan Jhad I hope you have read my post about the biggest Baobab tree in India, also known as Hatiyan Jhad or elephant tree. Here is a video of the same, taken from my cell phone.  The tree is enormous and has a circumference of  25 meters.   Here is the earlier post in which I have given details about the biggest Baobab tree in India and  also called Hatiyan Jhad and some pictures of the secret cave that is believed to be the former den of thieves who plundered wealth [Continue Reading By Clicking Here…]

Dec 022013
Hatiyan Jhad: The Biggest Baobab Tree in India

Biggest Baobab Tree of India or Hatiyan Jhad: The Cave of 40 Thieves in Golconda Regular visitors to desi Traveler will remember my series on the Old Baobab tree in Nanakramguda. But our Baobab in Nanakramguda is a Baccha ( baby)  when you look at this enormous Baobab that was planted by wandering fakirs centuries ago in Golconda. This huge Baobab tree has a circumference of 25 meters and is almost impossible to photograph in one frame at close distance. This Baobab tree is considered to be the biggest in India and could be the oldest too. I have visited [Continue Reading By Clicking Here…]

Nov 192012
An Evening At Taramati Baradari Hyderabad

  An Evening Photo Walk at Taramati Baradari Hyderabad Last time when I visited Taramati Baradari with my kids we were not able to take pictures during the night as it was raining a little and the lights that illuminate the monument were not switched on.So when our photo walk club HWS organized a walk to Taramati Baradari I was hoping it would be in evening, as most of the photo walk organized are during the day. It seems lady luck was smiling on me and this photo walk was organized on Saturday evening rather than Sunday Morning as most photo walks [Continue Reading By Clicking Here…]