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Download Free Copy of April 2019 Wallpaper Calendar – A Surfer On A Bali Beach


Bali is an island of legends, both natural like the volcanoes and manmade one like the temples of Bali that with their unique architectural beauty takes you to a different world.  But in my opinion, the true legend of Bali unfolds on its beautiful beaches especially around dusk when the Sun, Sky, and Sea join hand to mesmerize you with ever-changing drama.  The April 2019 Wallpaper Calendar is about one such mesmerizing evening from the Kuta Beach in Bali.

From a photography point of view, I think that was the most productive evening I had in a long time as that single evening gave me many images for the desi Travel Calendar. What can I say, it was my lucky day, no matter where I pointed my camera an image was waiting for me. This one was another lucky shot as I was looking into the camera screen and checking if my earlier images have come properly or not. One of the challenges of photographing in the evening is that the color, as well as intensity of light, changes rapidly. So if you are clicking images without checking the result you may be disappointed later as from the time you composed the shot to the time you actually pressed the button light may change dramatically, more so if it is a cloudy day and if the clouds cover / or move away from the Sun while you are shooting you need to keep on adjusting your ISO, Aperture and Shutter speed accordingly.

Now normally in the bright light situation I suggest to keep ISO in auto mode with an upper limit set up but in rapidly changing light I like to check / manually control my ISO for each shot more so because I may want to take the same picture in different ways. E.g I may want to take the same shot as a silhouette or as a properly exposed shot to show the faces of the people in the frame. Each will need different settings hence my suggestion to avoid keeping auto ISO in such a situation.

Anyways enough of the Gyan on ISO let me share the image with you for the April 2019 Wallpaper Calendar that you can download from your friendly neighborhood desi Traveler Blog. As mentioned earlier the image was made on a beautiful evening at the Kuta Beach in Bali Indonesia.


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The download links to your free copy of April 2019 Wallpaper Calendar featuring a surfer and a guy fishing on Kuta Beach Bali is given below. All you need to do is right-click on these links and save the image as per your need. You don’t have to fill any forms, sign up for any newsletter, etc. ( though it would be nice if you follow the blog via email or on social media 🙂 )

2100 px wide on the long edge
1600 px wide on the long edge
1024 px wide on the long edge



Free Download April 2019 Wallpaper Calendar

Free Download April 2019 Wallpaper Calendar Surfer On Kuta Beach Bali Indonesia 



If you are wondering what other images from the Kuta Beach Bali I have shared then here they are

  1.  Runners on Bali Beach
  2. Surfer On Bali Beach ( different image )
  3. Friends on Bali Beach 

So dear reader wishing you an awesome April. Hope you travel far and wide and enjoy your travels in a responsible way.


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