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October 2019 Wallpaper Calendar – Portrait of A Pelican In Singapore


If there is one month I wait eagerly then it is October, and there are many reasons for that, for October marks the beginning of the festival season in most of India & also the hope that winters are not far. Yes, for us living in the hot & humid plains of North India, nothing sounds better than, ” Winter Is Coming” . But before we welcome the winters, let me share this “ Portrait Of A Pelican” that I clicked in  Jurong Bird Park Singapore, that adorns our October 2019 Wallpaper Calendar.

Ok here is a quick question for you: Can you tell which Pelican is this one? Yes, there are more than one species of Pelican found in the world from Australia to the Americas and in most parts of Asia, Africa, etc.  Pelicans are one of the largest bird that can fly, only a few birds are bigger than a Pelican, but they may not be able to fly like an Ostrich or an EMU.

So without further ado let me share you the free download links to the October 2019 wallpaper calendar.  As always the  monthly calendar comes in 3 sizes and you don’t have to fill any forms, sign up for any newsletter, etc. ( though it would be nice if you follow the blog via email or on social media 🙂 )

2100 px wide on the long edge

1600 px wide on the long edge

1024 px wide on the long edge

free Download October 2019 Wallpaper Calendar - Portrait Of A Pelican

Download October 2019 Wallpaper Calendar – Portrait Of A Pelican


The story behind the October 2019 Wallpaper Calendar with Portrait of a Pelican:

This was probably my 2nd or 3rd visit to Singapore, but this time I was with frugal travel expert, famous travel blogger Shrinidhi Hande, who writes the equally famous travel blog eNidhi

Our trip was totally planned by Shrinidhi and it was he who did all the research to go and visit the Jurong Bird Park, and what a visit it was. May the lazy me will write a  more elaborate blog post about our visit to Jurong Bird Park.  So anyways coming back to the story of clicking the Portrait of a Pelican at Jurong Bird Park Singapore. We were walking around the Jurong Bird Park when Shrinidhi found out that there is a Pelican show that happens at the park where the attendants feed the Pelicans. It is a good spectacle as the Pelicans catch some of the food mid-air. Mind you these are not caged birds but they are free to roam around but they enjoy their life at the Jurong Bird Park so much that they just live there now. I guess that is what free food, a pool to swim and 100s of humans clapping at your antics do to you. So as the attendants at the park started feeding the birds there was a frenzy of activity, lots of noise and hulla gulla, the Pelicans were enjoying the attention, but this particular Pelican was more like a Solo Pelican, he decided that all this noise and attention is not for him so he was just sitting on a separate perch away from all the other Pelicans. While everybody else was busy clicking the action of Pelicans, I decided to click this Solo Pelican enjoying his me time.



I hope you like the October 2019 Wallpaper Calendar, featuring ” Portrait of a Pelican, in Jurong Bird Park Singapore” you are more than welcome to download, print and share further as per your wish. I know there are millions of blogs out there and I cannot thank you enough that you chose to read this one 🙂 

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  3. A meaningful October background, the pelican is free to fly. very beautiful.

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