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September 2019 Wallpaper Calendar-Honey Bee on Autumn Flowers of Delhi

The Hum Of The Bee Is The Voice Of The Garden said a wise man once, a perfect quote for the September 2019 Wallpaper Calendar I say. For if there are no bees there will be no humans such is our dependence on bees for pollinating plants including many of our food sources.⠀
Anyways coming back to > The Silk Floss tree aka > Ceiba speciosa is one of the many South American trees that have made Delhi NCR home. It is one of the most colorful trees in Autumn of Delhi & once the trees are laden with fuchsia blossoms gives a miniature version of Cherry blossom to Saddi Dilli. Thanks a lot for these colorful blooms, Delhi gets her best colors in Autumn. So dear reader as we leave the hot months behind and look forward to colorful autumn in Delhi, Gurgaon for the September 2019 Wallpaper Calendar let me give you this wonderful Honeybee pollinating the vibrant flowers of Ceiba speciosa that will soon adorn the near barren branches but buzz with the hum of the bee.

always the September 2019 Wallpaper Calendar is available in 3 sizes for free download

2100 px wide on the long edge
1600 px wide on the long edge
1024 px wide on the long edge

How to download the free September 2019 Wallpaper Calendar

Just right-click on any of the links above and save the image on your PC / Laptop etc. and use it as a wallpaper. You are more than welcome to share with friends and family and also take printouts if you want.  Like always the September Calendar also comes in 3 sizes and without any obligation from you. You don’t have to fill any forms, sign up for any newsletter, etc. ( though I would love to connect with you via social media and be happy if you subscribe to blog  🙂 )

September 2019 Wallpaper Calendar Honey bee on Ceiba speciosa flower Delhi NCR

September 2019 Wallpaper Calendar Honey bee on Ceiba speciosa flower Delhi NCR

As we are talking about trees may I suggest you read some of my earlier posts about my love for the trees of Delhi? Delhi or saddi Dilli is, unfortunately, one of the most polluted cities in the world, just imagine if we lost the trees in Delhi what would the air quality in Delhi? I am pretty sure it will no longer remain livable. The trees of Delhi are what made Delhi a city worth living.

Amaltas or Indian Laburnum Tree

Indian Laburnum Tree Golden Shower Amaltas

Indian Laburnum Tree Cassia fistula


I hope you like the September 2019 Wallpaper Calendar, you are more than welcome to download, print and share further as per your wish. I know there are millions of blogs out there and I cannot thank you enough that you chose to visit this one 🙂 

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