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Desi gets a gift from A Friend in Australia 


I met Paul aka One Dusty Camel on twitter and was impressed by his unique nick name, passionate and unique style of writing full of folksy  humor and a benign way of looking at universe. Soon I learned that he is planning to be in India and on a whirlwind road trip coming to Delhi, Agra, Jaipur, and above all he wanted to visit Pushkar Camel Fair. Though I have visited Pushkar some time back, but me and Tarun, decided to hitch hike with him to Pushkar for the camel fair. More emails were exchanged and the plans were confirmed that I and Tarun will join him from Delhi to a road trip to Pushkar Camel Fair.

But travel is a moody master and at last minute I got a chance to visit Thailand and now I was in two minds to visit Pushkar or go to Thailand. Finally after a lot of consultations with Tarun Gaur my partner in many crimes and photo walks it was agreed that only Tarun will go with Paul to Pushkar while I preceded to Thailand. We still tried a last-minute effort to catch up with Paul in Delhi, I was to meet him and Tarun in Chandni Chowk the same day I had my flight to Bangkok. But I got busy arranging Forex , printing tickets collecting documents for Visa on arrival in Thailand etc. As for Paul well after spending more than 16 hours on planes, he straight away hit the road to blow some dust and from airport itself reached Qutub Minar, then to Red Fort in Old city.  I spoke to him on phone, but we were not able to meet that day as he was exhausted after his flight and Delhi sight seeing,  and I had a flight to catch, thus our small window of opportunity to meet in person was lost.

Paul aka One Dusty Camel and Tarun proceeded to Pushkar and Tarun wrote this beautiful post about Pushkar Camel Fair Dusty has written about this India trip in his unique style and sharing his observations.

Focus on Australia book

desi gets a gift from Dusty 🙂

I met Tarun yesterday for some night photography and he gave me a big surprise. Paul has brought a beautiful book “Focus on Australia “for me as a gift.   It is such a wonderful gesture on his part that I am unable to express my thoughts.  I am an avid reader but my knowledge about Australia is limited to few of their cricket stars but this book has such wonderful pictures from Australia that I wonder if Australia is the biggest secret that travelers need to visit. The best part about the book is it has pictures from both professionals and amateurs who have clicked pictures using Lumix cameras and is edited by Ken Duncan.

But for me this is one gift that I will cherish forever. Thanks Dusty for the gift and thanks Tarun to bring it for me.

I do hope to meet Dusty one of these days in India or in Australia or maybe in some other country where we stumble into each other, till then wishing him the very best of travels around the world.

Check Dusty’s travels in India and Nepal and you can follow his tweets about the same on twitter OnedustyCamel

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  1. It is always wonderful to meet the virtual friends in person and to give/receive some surprise gifts can always turn out to be one of the best things of that meeting and for your friendships. 🙂

    I have met here in Philippines my virtual friends & the surprise look on their faces when they open the gifts make me smile & cherish the beautiful moments. 🙂

  2. “Travel is a moody master” – Now that’s a quotable quote. 🙂 But it’s amazing the kind of friends one can make while travelling! Hope you get to meet Dusty soon.

  3. A surprise gift can be one of the best things that can happen to you in life! 🙂
    So good for you!

  4. Hari OM
    As an expatriate aussie, I thoroughly approve!!! YAM xx

  5. It was a noble gesture from your twitter friend …

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