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Family Trip to Ibis Delhi Airport in Aerocity

I have been a bit busy in last some weeks both on personal as well as work front.  So when I got an invitation to visit Ibis Delhi Airport to come and stay my instant reaction was to say no as my elder daughter had her school exams and I was entrusted by the missus to help her with science syllabus (finally something she thinks I can do better than her or this is to make me work ?).

But the lady on phone was very persistent and told me that she got my reference from Mridula Dwivedi, The Prima Donna of travel blogging community in India.  This made my day as for a travel blogger it is equivalent of an actor getting a pat on the back from Big B.

Well, long story short, I built a case to the missus and she agreed that we can visit the hotel once exams of the kiddo are over. So this weekend we visited the Ibis Delhi Airport and the folks at the hotel gave us two connected rooms, one for the kids and one for people responsible for the kids (that would be me and Missus).

Ibis Delhi Airport is a brand new hotel in the Delhi Aero city, within earshot of the Delhi Airport. All great cities and airports have airport hotels be in JFK or Changi Airport in Singapore, now Delhi joins the elite list where you have a full-fledged airport hotel complex with International Standards. The hotel runs a regular shuttle service to the terminals and you can check your flight information sitting in the Hotel Lobby itself.

Now normally airport hotels are bare-bones but Ibis Delhi Airport looks  like its more expensive cousins complete with a huge all-weather heated swimming pool, multiple conference rooms and a restaurant that starts serving express breakfast at the crack of dawn for those who have an early morning flight. From around 7 in the morning you get full breakfast that you can enjoy more leisurely till noon. To technically the breakfast is available from 4 in the morning till noon, and you don’t have to worry about missing the most important meal of the day. 

But let me talk about the rooms first, our pool facing rooms on 4th floor were nicely appointed with a small fridge, on the house Tea and Coffee maker and even a nice laptop workstation next to the window and a Wi-Fi that actually works.

Room Ibis Delhi Airport Hotel

We had 2 pool facing connected rooms

Workstation and tea coffee maker

WiFi jee that works 🙂

One challenge that we faced in the hotel was “What to do ? “as we had no plans to do any sightseeing so, we decided to explore every nook and corner of the hotel, starting with the all-weather swimming pool. While I was assigned photography duty the daughters and missus floated on the water with no worries of studies, now that the exams were over.

Swimming Pool at Ibis Delhi Airport

Pool view from our room

swimming pool Ibis Delhi Airport Aerocity

The pool is the most wanted feature of the Ibis Delhi Airport

When they got tired of swimming we went to the restaurant to check the grand buffet. We were spoilt for choice and I really liked the live grill and the different types of desserts on offer.  But with missus and her hawk eye watching me and my calories I was allowed only Salads, and the logic given to me was since I have not burnt any calories swimming I am not allowed to take any calories..

Cheese Fruits platter Breakfast Ibis Airport Hotel Delhi Aerocity

Cheese and Fruits Platter

chocolate cake pastries dessert buffet

Assortment of desserts

Shot glass tiramisu

This Nirvana in shot glass was my favorite to  Click 

Tomato Onion Cottage cheese

And this is what I was allowed to eat by Wife Jee: Bahut Na-Insafee Hai 🙁   — Cellphone pic 

Ah the little joys of being married to a loving and caring spouse, I wish we get Karwa Chauth every month so that she fasts for my long life every month and not only once in a year.

Airplanes Collage

A collage of planes approaching the runway

As the Hotel is very close to the airport you continuously see planes passing, I clicked some pictures in burst mode and made this collage.

Right next to the restaurant there  are some Gazebos surrounded by some water bodies and an open air entertainment area that can be used for small parties. I decided to come back and practice my night photography there after dinner.

Gazebo in garden Ibis Airport Hotel Delhi Aerocity

A Gazebo in open air area

While I was hoping to click some light trails from the terrace, it was not allowed due to security, but the open dining area with candles simmering in the air took me to Elton John’s eternal song Candle in the Wind.

Gazebo with sofa-set, fan and candles in garden

The Gazebo looked even better in candle light

Candle Light Dinner in Gazebo

Candle in the wind  🙂 


Overall we enjoyed our stay at the Ibis Airport Hotel and my younger daughter was not willing to go home. I had to promise her to take her on next vacation soon.

The Ibis Delhi Airport Hotel is  owned by Accor Hotels group, and is conveniently connected to both  domestic and international airports of Delhi, NH-8 connecting Delhi-Gurgaon,  and to city center as the airport metro is close by.

For bookings / inquiries you can contact them from the hotel website:  Ibis Delhi Airport

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  1. Great shots. Looks like a wonderful visit.

  2. The hotel looks perfect for short visit and thats so mean of you asking missus to do karva chauth every month , you should do for her , u have got a loving and caring spouse 😉 … kidding!!!

  3. What a lovely post! Your pictures inspire me to book a stay immediately at ibis! It’s so gorgeous.

  4. Looks like a good hotel. Also if its near the airport then its even better and very handy for those who wants to stay near the airport.

  5. Amazing pictures Prasad. I can not believe you ate only that measly salad, you are lying. And as for recommending I didn’t know you shifted to NCR or I would have done it earlier. Also next time if you exaggerate about my blogging status I will stop recommending you 😛

  6. Hi
    Nice place and amazing photos . The last one and featured photo is heart touching.
    I changed my website from blogger to wordpress . Please change my url at your post of top travel hindi blogger.

    Thnx and regards
    Manu prakash tyagi

  7. The sum total is: It was a great stay!

  8. Looks very royal indeed, I am glad you and family had a wonderful experience, I especially loved the sight of those deserts! 😀

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