Jul 192012
Long ago Columbus uncle started in search of India but reached America, so much for missing the target and getting famous. Any ways I am not sure if he ever discovered that he has never discovered India but a continent that was so far not known to the western world. It is believed that Chinese sailors have reached America before Columbus and also some Viking Warriors.

Any ways the credit was given to Columbus and the native Americans were named Indians as everybody thought they are in India. Some time I get a feeling that probably there is a strong relationship between the Indians found in India and the native Americans who are mistakenly called Indians till date.

I have always found the Mexican food to be very close in taste to Indian food and they also eat a lot of vegetables, wraps and beans with rice very similar to the vegetarian fare in India.In fact whenever I am in US like I am now I enjoy going for Mexican food as I find it to be very close in taste to Indian food if you are eating some of the cooked rice and beans kind of stuff. 
The wraps are also good as the Mexican wraps use a lot of raw vegetables, with just a mild seasoning and light grilling or sauteing of the vegetables. But they are yummy in taste and for a vegetarian in a Mexican restaurant offer the best and most convenient choice. 
Today itself I went for lunch with a  friend to a Mexican restaurant and enjoyed the wraps there. I myself make a mean wrap when I am in India ,only difference is I use precooked wraps now avaialble and fill them with some cooked vegetables Indian style, now you can say that then it is more of a Kathee roll than a Mexican wrap, but i would disagree with you as the rolls are made of corn flour, and I use the accompanying Mexican herb mix, which gives it a very robust Mexican flavor. 
So I have come up with a theory that the Mexican and Indian civilization had some connection thousand of years ago due to which the food is very similar as far as ingredients and flavor goes.
Don’t agree with me? Well try Black beans and rice in some authentic Mexican restaurant in US it will taste better than the Rajma Chawal you get in most Indian restaurants in US, where it is highly toned down to please the American palate. I am sure the Mexican food you get in Mexico will be even more like Indian food, though I am not sure as I have never been to Mexico. And I see no point in going there as who wants to spend thousands of dollars to visit a country that is similar to your own?

Well thanks for reading, will post the pictures of my making of Wrap at home soon.

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