Oct 102012

Get any train status live on Map

Well the automation and modernization of Indian railways continues. Gone are the days when you had to call the railways enquiry number a thousand times to find out where the train you are looking for has gone.With the changing times Indian railways have modernized and now you don’t have to worry about it. If you have an internet connection either on a pc or on a phone this website will give you real time status of trains in India. You can access the same by clicking below and you will get train status live for all the trains running in India. Please click the link below:

You can zoom in and out and try to find out which train you are looking for by simply typing the train number in a search box. I am sure over a period of time it will become very useful and will also help in avoiding rail accidents besides just telling when the train is coming. The beauty is you need not even know the train number as you can take any two stations and the system will search for trains running between the two station
It also clearly color codes which trains are running late. As of today the feed has a delay of about 5 or more minutes late but I am sure will get better with time.

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  1. A useful post.


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