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How To Photograph Karwa Chauth Moon

So my experiments with photographing moon continue. Just like last year, this year also the Karwa Chauth Moon played spoilsport and defied all predictions by all the astronomy websites. But partly all the haze and dust in the sky was also to be blamed. Both me and the younger one on moon spotting duty, and were constantly coordinating with building security,  Wife jee and various astronomy sites who have predicted moon rise at exactly 20: 22 hours.  I was on rooftop much before that trying to figure out from where Mr. Moon will make his grand appearance.But moon had not planned to respect the designated appointment time of 20:22 hours, after all, this is the moon of India, and as we all know nothing happens on time in India. I do sometimes wonder if the moon follows his appointment in time conscious countries like Germany or  United Kingdom.

Which also brings a very important question that needs to be answered. Now, this is based on the Facebook status of husband, who wanted to tell the world that he is on assignment in the United Kingdom.  His point was when the moon comes in India, his wife will see the moon and then chat with him on Skype and break her fast. I hope this is as per our holy scriptures because I am not sure if the moon has to be seen where the husband is, as if that is the case then she needs to wait for the moon to come in the UK, which will be 5.5 hours later than India.  Now suppose the husband is in India and wife is in the USA, then which moon they need to follow our own desi moon or the moon in the United States of America?

All these are important questions that the Karwa Chauth believing people are ignoring, but I am telling you folks these need to be answered.  The nation wants to know if you follow the moon rise in India or in some other country.  Ok enough of my Arnab style questions, let us move to the moon pictures.

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Karwa Chauth Moon

Mr. Karwa Chauth Moon makes his entry from hazy sky

I was ready on the rooftop with my camera and tripod etc. and the moment Mr. Moon showed up I clicked a few pictures, called  Wife jee, we got over the Pooja etc. and she had her dinner. Then as always I went back to the roof and clicked my Karwa Chauth Moon pictures. This year as you can see I tried to do some experiments with the pictures and played mainly with the manual focus of the lens on the camera.  Later I showed the pictures to Wife jee and told her, see you saw only one moon, and I clicked so many tonight.  The poor women could not even curse me thanks to Karwa Chauth as she had pledged to ignore all my faults on this Husband’s day. ( FYI : Karwa Chauth = Husband’s day )

Karwa Chauth Moon

Slowly the Moon gained some strength rising on prayers of millions of women in India

Karwa Chauth Moon

Karwa Chauth Moon in the sky

Karw Chauth Moon

My experiments with Moon Photography begin here- I realized I can create many moons by tweaking focus

Karwa Chauth Moon

The Moon Multiplies – I felt like Wizard of MoOnZ


Karwa Chauth Moon

How many Karwa Chauth Moon you have seen together

Though I wanted to click more pictures of the moon, but the mosquitoes had their own plans and were busy enjoying my blood as I was busy clicking the moon.  So I had to bid adieu to Mr. Moon, but with a firm promise that ” I Will Be Back, next Karwa Chauth” 

How the Pictures were taken:

Camera: Nikon D 7000

Lens: Nikon 18-105- VR lens

Manfrotto Tripod

ISO in most pictures is 200

Shutter speed between 3 to 15 seconds

Aperture varies between 4 to 5.6

. So to avoid any moment of the lens I used a remote trigger to click pictures.

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  1. 😀 Loved your narration and the photography!!

  2. Ha ha good read.
    Hope you people had a sumptuous meal together. 🙂

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