Dec 202016

Never been a better time to visit London With BA

“Sir, when a man is tired of London, he is tired of life; for there is in London all that life can afford”, these words of Samuel Johnson were resonating in my ears when I first landed in London, the first thing I wanted to visit was Royal Kew Botanical Gardens. Not your everyday destination for a desi Traveler you may wonder. That is the beauty of London in my eyes, even for an offbeat destination like a Botanical Garden; Kew receives more than 1.3 million visitors every year. But it was on my second visit to London on a British Airways flight with Wife jee that we jointly discovered the many facets of London that we have seen only in movies so far.
Indeed even after many visits both short and long, for business and to roam around as a tourist my desire to visit London again is still strong. I am sure Mr. Johnson will approve.

Kew Gardens London

Kew Gardens London image via  Shutterstock 

London is a very traveler friendly city and with one pass you can travel in the London Tube, the iconic Red Buses, and even some ferries. To make things easy and avoid queue one can get great deals if one books tickets to monuments and museums online. Indeed we have many fond memories of London from our hop on hop off bus journey to enjoying some mouthwatering food. I still remember giggling like a child when we first spotted some of the London Icons like the Big Ben, Tower Bridge, and London eye.

London iconic landmarks

We giggled like kids on spotting London icons for the first time – image via Shutterstock

We have been planning our next holiday together and once again decided to visit London with British Airways. There are many reasons we want to go to London on British Airways, a direct connection is only one of them. If I were to list reasons to visit London I may have to write a complete book (you never know one day I may 🙂 )
But with Christmas and New Year around the corner, there has never been a better time to visit London with British Airways. Now, what is Christmas if not for some joy of shopping for gifts for your loved one? This is where your flight with British Airways to London comes in handy. BA is offering great discounts to its international travelers to London in collaboration with many a heritage brands. All you need to do is present your flight boarding pass to the participating stores and avail exclusive offers for BA passengers.

London Christmas lights

With Christmas around the corner, this is the best time to visit London – image via Shutterstock

Winter evenings and nights have their own charm as a world city London never sleeps and the night is always young in London. But while we are there I am looking forward to capturing some fireworks pictures on the banks of Thames with the famed London Skyline in the background just like in this picture below.

Fireworks at River Thames London

Fireworks at River Thames London – image via Shutterstock

But as always ever frugal Wife jee pointed out that going to London may be expensive, but when I told her that now the Pound is hovering around 82 INR down from the earlier 100 Rs to a pound she simply smiled and added a few items in her ever increasing shopping list. Smart girl, I would say, after all, she married me and with rupee traveling further even she is willing to indulge a bit 🙂

Big Ben with Union Jack

Big Ben is waiting where are you? Image via Shutterstock

As for me, I am looking forward to clicking the London skyline from all possible angles while Wife Jee is busy shopping. Who will not love to click the iconic skyline of London with Big Ben, London Eye in the background and then we have landmark Trafalgar Square where both tourists and travelers cannot be distinguished from locals enjoying their day out.

Even Teddy wants a selfie with London Eye – image via Shutterstock

But don’t just take my word for it, plan your London trip with British Airways while the Pound is still catching its breath. You can check the exclusive offers and discounts for shopping here and click here to find out Things to do in London. You never know you may bump into Mr. and Mrs desi Traveler in London ( see one more reason to go to London 🙂 )

Never been a better time to visit London with great deals from BA – image via Shutterstock

This post is written in collaboration with British Airways.

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  14 Responses to “London Calling – Chalo London with BA”

Comments (14)
  1. A delightful post making London even more appealing, that too traveling with BA 🙂

  2. Ah, how I wish to visit London someday! The reasons are all enticing enough and egging me to pack my bags right away!!

  3. Wow, London is indeed a mesmerising country to visit. It is my dream destination for no reason!

  4. I wish to revisit London with just goal in mind, to explore the London Underground even more! 😀

  5. This is such a lovely write-up. This refreshed our memories of London.

  6. I second you – No one can ever be tired of London

    I am so excited to visit London next year and quite hopeful to bump into Mr and Mrs Desi Traveler Jee in London 🙂

  7. A trip to London has been a dream, almost coming to reality earlier this year.
    Now, the only sad part about visiting London in the next 3 years is probably that one can’t enter Big Ben, because of the renovation that is to begin this week. Great post 🙂

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