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March 2016 Calendar Desktop Wallpaper

Ah, the month of March will soon be marching in our lives announcing the end of spring and the wait for monsoons begin with the onset of early summers this year. Normally here in Delhi we keep our woolens till about a week before Holi, but this year we are in our  half sleeves already.

So to ask the weather gods to let cooler weather  stay for a few weeks more, I am dedicating the  for the March 2016 desktop wallpaper Calendar to winters. So  ladies and gentlemen I give you the 85 feet idol of Lord Shiva the original Himalayan lover who ditched the city life to live in the hills. This picture was clicked in Bijapur a sleepy outpost in Karnataka that was once the home of one of the 5 Deccan Sultanates the Adil Shahis, better known for building the Gol Gumbaz, the second largest dome in world.   March 2016 is also the month for festival of Shivaratri celebrated in honor of Lord Shiva.( 2016 Shivaratri is on March 7th )

Desktop calendar wallpaper Lord Shiva

The 85 feel tall Idol of Lord Shiva in Bijapur Karnataka

But as this is the month of Lord Shiva and we want some more cool time, I am giving here two pictures, the second one is of the moon shaped  Chandratal Lake in Spiti Himachal Pradesh.  To reach Chandratal either you can hike from Kunzum Pass or take a rugged road from there. Either way you will pass from some of the most breathtaking view of higher Himalayas.

You can download the Shiva Idol picture for your March 2016 Calendar desktop wallpaper from here in following sizes by right clicking and saving the links below :

1024 Px at long edge

1600 px at long edge

2100 px at long edge



The Chandratal Lake, Spiti, desktop wallpaper calendar can be downloaded from links below 


Desktop Calendar download Chandratal Spiti

Chandratal Lake Spiti You can download the same for your desktop wallpaper


Right Click on links below to download your  March 2016 Calendar from desi Traveler as a token of thanks for readers of desi Traveler blog.

1024 px destop wallpaer Chandratal Lake

1600 px desktop wallpaper Chandratal Lake

2100 px desktop wallpaper Chandratal Lake

I want to thank all the readers who participated  in the annual desi Traveler Calendar Contest and help in choosing the pictures for the desktop as well as the limited edition print calendar that  I ship to the winners of the contest every year. You can visit here to see the calendar winners for 2016 .

I was in Spiti with Darter Photography, this year for the first time, noted travel writer Dr. Mridula Dwivedi is conducting an All Women Tour to Spiti with Darter . 

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  1. this is beautiful 🙂

  2. Arresting that picture of Shiva. I could not take my eyes off it.

  3. My god… the Shiv murti looks so amazing…
    love your concept of wallpaper downloads 🙂

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