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Maut Ka Kuan: Death Well At Numaish

Well like I mentioned earlier I was at Numaish a traditional fair conducted every year in Hyderabad and one the things that totally zapped me was what we call Maut Ka Kuan or the Well of death. Here inside a man-made huge tub, daredevil motorcycle and car stuntmen defy gravity and perform stunts that will put any Bollywood and Hollywood hero to shame. There are no  helmets or net to protect them in case of an accident. But fortunately these guys practice a lot and using a bit of laws of physics they perform acts that reminds you of your laws of physics that your forgot after passing high school.

Maut Ka Kuan

Maut Ka Kuan

Remember Centripetal and centrifugal forces? Well th is video should refresh your memories.



While you brush up your laws of physics watch this video taken with cell phone, and I am sorry I was too stunned to say anything while I was recording the same. Later I spoke to one of the stuntman and he informed me he as well as other guys on cars and bikes are from Jharkhand and their traveling company moves around India performing these stunts.  Each day he does this act more than 5-6 times depending on the number of shows. He just smiled when I asked him if he is scared? That smiled told me a lot, and I could not ask him anything further. Here praying to almighty that they all always remain safe.

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  5 Responses to “Maut Ka Kuan: Death Defying Stunts at Numaish”

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  1. Do you have a contact for the stunt drivers?

  2. Considering the safety standards we maintain in our country, Maut ka kuan is an apt name for it.

  3. And whatever you said about the video and the stuntman was enough! Reminds me of the circus I saw in my childhood but there used to be just one motorcycle in the well.

  4. Wow! you actually got to see that? That must have been quite breathtaking. I’ve only seen that in the movies; didn’t know they still did these stunts at events like this.
    Thank you for putting up that video.

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