Apr 252012

Today was my lucky day, while walking in the compound I noticed a bush outside the boundry that had fragnant, though non descript flowers. I decided to investigate and to my amazement a female humming bird was doing acrobatics on the flowers. I took out my phone to take some pics but she was too fast to be captured by a phone camera. I was in too mind to continue my walk or get the camera. The Nikonian defeated the walker by a wide margin and I went back to get the camera.

But by the time I returned she had vanished. Dissappointed I continued with my walk.
But luck was favoring me as I noticed the male in another part of the garden, and soon the female also showed up.

I clicked till they allowed me.
Since I am getting late for office will publish yhe pics later in night.


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  1. Thanks, been too busy with work. 🙁 Will try on the weekend. Oh by the way just learned that the ones found in India are called Sunbirds and the one in Americas are called Hummingbirds, they look similar and feed on nectar and are not related !

  2. Oh.. waiting for the photograph.
    May be I should try too. WE have this flower tree, and all the time those little birds come over and flap their wings and suck the honey.
    I did not realize it was the humming bird. They are so tiny.

    Next time when I spot them , I will try, and credit your post for the inspiration.:-)

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