Apr 222013

We have bought our small car on a big loan,  and it was causing a lot of itching to go somewhere. We agreed to go to pink city Jaipur the capital of Rang Rangeelo Rajasthan. It was our first trip in the new car and I felt like I owned the world even while being in debt to the bank . Mushrooming Mall City Gurgaon was our home, but Jaipur had Raj Mandir the best movie theater in India

Princess crooned  to just released Dhoom songs in the car and we decided to watch Dhoom in Raj Mandir, after the palaces and forts. But we could not get tickets as there was no online booking in those days. Jaipur was  a two-wheeler town, with few cars. This picture was taken during our first trip in the car and shows the Missus with Princess, a bit of our car ( and some passerby),  in front of Raj Mandir, as famous as Hawa Mahal.

Raj Mandir Jaipur

The Missus,  The Princess, A Little Bit of Car and some guy in front of Raj Mandir Jaipur

Princess had Jabelis (Kid speak for Jalebis) and Kathputli dance for dinner and wanted to bring  Kathputli walah back home with us.

Rajasthani food is  really meant for the Royals who can do justice to all the Ghee and spices added to it. The bazaars of Jaipur have Medusa-like magic, whether your wife sees a  Kangan or you see a Mojari your brain gets stoned and you hand over your card to the smiling shopkeeper claiming to have made a loss in the sale!


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  1. How exciting to go on a trip in your own new car, right? Now, that IS a trip to remember. 🙂

  2. What a great pic. Had to laugh at your caption of ‘some guy’ next to your car…

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