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Driving to Ananthagiri Hills Vikarabad from Hyderabad

There is no bigger joy for a driving enthusiast than to slowly drive on a winding hill road with the windows of your car down, cool breeze kissing your forehead and humming in your ears songs of the wild brooks. Yes wild brooks that you can hear in a distance but you can’t see beyond the dense foliage, but the sound is inviting. So you park your car, follow the sound and once you have best holiday dealsgone down a few meters in the bushes, you discover a small brook coming out of rocks before falling down below in the valley. You realize you are the only one for miles, not counting the green bee-eater perched high on a branch who is watching your every move. You realize this is your waterfall, your own, personal, private, solitary waterfall.  Who can stop you from having your own Liril moment? Who cares that the Liril ad had a girl? I mean where it is written that a guy cannot take a bath under his own waterfall.

Anyways you get the idea the kind of road trips I like to take, on the road less traveled, where preferably no man has been before (technically not possible, because if no man has been there then who built the road?)

Ever since we moved to Hyderabad I have missed my drives in the Himalayas, when we will drive on a whim to all the nearby and not so nearby hill stations. Now Hyderabad is thousands of miles away from the Himalayas but as the old saying goes “Have wheels will drive”, soon we learned about the Ananthagiri Hills in Vikarabad, just about 90 KM from Hyderabad City. What else does a road trip Romeo like desi Traveler need? We were a caravan of 4 cars a Maruti Suzuki 800, A Chevrolet Tavera, A Ford Fiesta and a Maruti Suzuki SX4

Now don’t get me wrong these hills are no match for the mighty Himalayas, but they have their own charm, like the birthplace of river Musi, that is the lifeline of Hyderabad.

Cars parked next to Nagasamundar Lake  Road Trip

Chevrolet Tavera, SX4, 800 and Fiesta parked next to the Nagasamundar lake

I like to stop on the way and check what is growing in the fields around the road and buy some fresh fruits like guavas and custard apples from the kids selling them on the roadside. No fruit bought in the city can give you the taste these fruits bought on roadside can give you as they have been just plucked from the trees growing on farms nearby.

And the taste of the sweet tea you get on the dhabas along the road is as rustic as it can get, it is full of sugar and made with strong Tea leaves that invigorate you for the next leg.

The fun part was when we will stop for something we will exchange the cars and drive somebody else’s car this really doubled the fun as now you got to enjoy driving a different car. This is one of the biggest reasons I love to travel with friends as not only you get good company but you also get to drive different cards. So on this trip, we drove 800, SX4, Fiesta and Tavera one by one. I will not tell you which one I enjoyed the most, as everybody has their own favorites.

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Nagasamudram Lake Ananthagiri

Nagasamudram Lake in Ananthagiri

You can do Hyderabad Vikarabad trip in a day but I like to stay for a night and wake up to the chirping of birds in the morning.  Once we reached Ananthagiri we went for hiking in the woods nearby till the edge of the valley and later drove to the Nagasamudram lake also which is a few kilometer away. The water in the lake is very clean and some of the kids actually went for a swim in the lake.

Overall, it was a fun trip that we will remember for a long time to come.

What to see and do in Ananthagiri Hills in Vikarabad:

Driving Directions: Follow this map Take exit 18 on Nehru Outer Ring Road and follow the Vikarabad road, you will reach Ananthagiri hills. Do stop in between to enjoy the beautiful fields and small water bodies along the way.

How to reach Nagasamundar Lake update:

Based on a query from a reader I did some research and it seems the Nagasamudram Lake is mentioned as  Kotpally Reservoir in Google Maps and it appears as Nagasamundar, Telangana.  So you can follow this Map to reach the Nagasamundar Lake or Kotpally Reservoir, it gives the route from Haritha Resort to the Nagasamnundar Lake

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  1. Hey, I am planning to go to ananthagiri hills with my friends. I have done some research and found one place called borra hills and cave in ananthagiri, but i am unable to locate it in the map. Can you please tell whether it exists or not? And, if you can suggest any places to go nearby in ananthagiri hills, that will be very helpful.
    Thank you

  2. How can we go from Vikarabad railway station to Anantagiri hills view point, Taxi, Auto, Busses are available there near by railway station

  3. Wonderful intro about Anantagiri Hills. Would love to do this trip in my next visit to Hyderabad.

  4. Palnning to go Anantagiri, Can anyone show where is nagasamudram lake, I’am not able to find in google maps

  5. hey is there really a waterfall @ anantagiri i have been there 4-5 times never found it where exactly is it coz even the local ppl were not sure

  6. Does VIkarabad itself have any accommodation options? Are there places other than Deccan Trails and Haritha that are worth checking out?

  7. pretty interesting to know that u had been to himalayas by road. i am one among those who luv long drives i had driven few years back from hyderabad to gangtok ( u will get a detailed experience of it. I am now looking for a trip to leh from hyderabad next year. if u r aware of the roads or any details please reply.thank u

    • Hi Hemant: One of the best resources for Himalayan roads / journeys etc you can get is here: Devil On Wheels You can all the latest information and even ping Dheeraj who painstakingly updates the site and answers questions of visitors.

  8. Could you please help me identify a place where we can park our car and then go for trekking?

  9. Fun trip indeed!

  10. Love your description! And thanks for the tip and for sharing;)

  11. Thanks for sharing this wonderful place.

    I too live in Hyderabad and looking for some weekend gateways but unfortunately, there are not many…

  12. hi….i am new to travel blogging and been looking for people like me…really liked your little blog…keep travelling….good luck…


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