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Street Photographs from India by Swarat Ghosh

Dear Readers, today we showcase one of the most talented young street photographers in India. For him taking pictures is not just clicking button, but a whole experience in itself. He captures life like nobody else, as he has his own unique style and an eye of for life as it happens on streets of India.
Within a short span of time he is recognized worldwide for his talent and has won many awards.
This all when he has being photography purely out of passion, as Swarat Ghosh is a User Interface Designer by profession working in a reputed company in Hyderabad, India.
portrait of Swarat Ghosh Street Photographer
In  Swarat’s own  words he talks about what influenced him in life and photography:  “Mostly, influenced by my parents who always encouraged me to do best in my life. It was my wife who discovered my talent in photography. She gifted me a DSLR camera in the Oct, 2010 and since then I am nurturing this passion in photography deeply.”
He is part of That’s Life, the Indian Street Photography collective
Here is a list of some of the Awards and Recognition that Swarat has received:

Here is a list of some of the Awards and Recognition that Swarat has received:

  • Finalist in “Urban Picnic Street Photography Competition, 2013“
  • One of his photo essays has been shortlisted in the final round of the Photographer of the Year Competition from “Better Photography magazine, 2012“. The essay has been shortlisted under the Photo-essay: A Different Kind of Family Album category
  • Runner-up in “Metiers du Monde” an international photography contest organized by the “Foundation Alliance Françoise, 2013“ where photographers from around the world participated.
  • One of his picture has been commended in the top 50 images in the Arts and Culture Category in the Open Competition of the “Sony World Photography Awards, 2013“
  • Many of his work has got been published in several national and international magazines like National Geographic Traveller, Discover India & Tree Free etc.

You can check more of his work at his website

Check some of his work below

Artist doing makeup swarat Ghosh

One of the award winning picture by Swarat Ghosh

Prayers at charminar Hyderabad Swarat Ghosh

Eid Mubarak at Charminar Hyderabad

Kolkata Swarat Ghosh

A Street in India

Vidya Balan Swarat Ghosh

Streets of India

Morning Mist by Swarat Ghost

morning Mist Swarat GhoshLonely Walk

Gateway of India Swarat Ghosh

At Gateway of India- Mumbai

Hotel Taj Mumbai Swarat Ghosh

Taj Hotel Mumbai in Reflections

Reflection of Charminar Swarat Ghosh

Charminar Hyderabad in Reflections

crowd by Swarat Ghosh


Boys jumping in Ganges Benaras Swarat Ghosh

Boys Jumping in Ganges- Varanasi

I am sure you have liked these wonderful images captured by Swarat Ghosh, from different parts of India.  Would love to hear you from you.  You can also contact Swarat directly through his website by clicking here.

Please note that all images are owned by Swarat Ghosh and should not be used without his permission.



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  1. Thanks for sharing these, they’re beautiful!!
    I’m very keen on learning photography, so I recently enrolled for a ‘Street Photography’ workshop .
    Could you help me on any other ways I can get started with?

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