Feb 062012
Every once in a while I get Josh to get up and take a morning walk, this urge has been getting stronger ever since we moved to our new home. The apartment complex is surrounded by greenery and a small lake that is still alive with fish and other creatures which attract a lot of birds.
entry to pbel city
Morning Sun Reflecting At The Entrance To Complex
morning in pbel city
The Sun Slowly Rising Behind the Lake
Some days back I clicked some pictures from my phone while taking a morning walk that I am pasting here. As you will see while Mother Nature is trying hard to cling on to the natural beauty the area is blessed with, the builder is also trying his best to keep the surrounding clean. But unfortunately some of us residents or employees in the cleaning staff are making things dirty. 

lake near pbel city
The Lake In Its Full Glory
I would request all residents and employees in the complex to not to litter the complex as it takes each one of us to keep it beautiful. I have been exchanging emails with the support team of the complex and they are working on removing some of the stagnant water in parking lot etc. so that mosquitoes don’t breed. We don’t need to worry about mosquitoes in lake as it is inhabited by small fish that feed on the eggs as well as larvae of mosquitoes. It is the stagnant water in complex that we need to worry about.

Do We Really Want To Live Surrounded By This?

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  2. Thanks a lot Elvirah.

  3. The place where you stay indeed looks beautiful with the surroundings so peaceful. I just hope your efforts in trying to keep the surroundings clean would be a waste and you work it out the way you've planned.


  4. Yes I agree, it is joint responsibility of all of us.

  5. Hi Pradeep,
    All hands meet.
    Let us start a cleaning drive for this lake.
    If everyone does their bit to support we could clean this lake side.

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