Dec 232015
Goa In Reflections

Memories of Goa in Reflections As the mercury dips and the elusive sunlight filters through the canopy of trees, my body wants to go back to the sunny beaches of Goa and watch the reflection of the Sun taking a dip in the Arabian Sea. But here I am in my home, trying to keep warm by guzzling endless cups of ginger tea. So let me go back and remember the sunny Goa from 2 weeks ago where I went for a launch of Zica, the new car from Tata Motors. I have already shared some pictures of the [Continue Reading By Clicking Here…]

Mar 312014
A Gandhian and a Plantation Homestay in Wayanad Kerala

The Gandhian Who runs a Homestay and Plantation and promotes Eco Tourism in Wayanad The Azure sky above and the colorful attire of Kerala Express Bloggers are the only challengers to the monopoly of green during our plantation visit in Wayanad. We are  touring  a plantation that grows spices like Pepper, Areca nut, coffee, and fruits like coconut, banana and many more. The plants around me are showing stress due to a rain-less month, and at 34 degree Celsius, Wayanad is making a new high compared to the average of  30 degrees. We cross paddy fields that soon bow out to a [Continue Reading By Clicking Here…]

Nov 132013
Colors of India

  India in Colors To understand my love for colors of India, please read the first paragraph of this post on Bonalu festival.  Here I am just giving some random colors of India, that I clicked without any specific thought in my mind. But these colors are another way of looking at India the most colorful of country where colors have a very deep-seated cultural and religious meanings. The most significant of them being red, while  Saffron and Green finding a place of honor in our National Flag also.   What do you say? What colors you associate with [Continue Reading By Clicking Here…]