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India in Colors

To understand my love for colors of India, please read the first paragraph of this post on Bonalu festival.  Here I am just giving some random colors of India, that I clicked without any specific thought in my mind. But these colors are another way of looking at India the most colorful of country where colors have a very deep-seated cultural and religious meanings. The most significant of them being red, while  Saffron and Green finding a place of honor in our National Flag also.

bright red chilies in sun

Red is the most significant color in India

Green Coconuts

Green is most soothing to eyes


orange earthen pots for water

Saffron, orange, Kesari: Take your pick

What do you say? What colors you associate with India? Above are just 3 of a billion colors from India. How about listing your favorite colors? Do you see India in colors and colors in India? Would love to hear from you. By the way the colors have been picked up from different places in India, though no prize for guessing which one is from where.


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