Mar 312014
A Gandhian and a Plantation Homestay in Wayanad Kerala

The Gandhian Who runs a Homestay and Plantation and promotes Eco Tourism in Wayanad The Azure sky above and the colorful attire of Kerala Express Bloggers are the only challengers to the monopoly of green during our plantation visit in Wayanad. We are  touring  a plantation that grows spices like Pepper, Areca nut, coffee, and fruits like coconut, banana and many more. The plants around me are showing stress due to a rain-less month, and at 34 degree Celsius, Wayanad is making a new high compared to the average of  30 degrees. We cross paddy fields that soon bow out to a [Continue Reading By Clicking Here…]

Jan 242013
A Walk on Beach Road in Pondicherry

Beach Road Pondicherry- A Walk to Enjoy Bapu was born in Porbandar, a city with nice beaches, which later became known for gang wars and movies were made on its notorious Gang led by the Godmother Santokben Jadeja , where Shabana Azmi played the lead character. But Bapu left Porbandar long ago and left his mark not only on this country but also on South Africa and other countries in the world. To respect Bapu’s association with the beach city he was born in almost every city with a beach in India has a Gandhi Statue, on the beach not to [Continue Reading By Clicking Here…]