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How to overcome  your fear of photographing people on your travels


A few days ago I wrote a post where I shared how I overcame my fear of clicking strangers on my travels and slowly started clicking people during my travels. This has really helped me as a travel photographer as I believe travel photography is incomplete without clicking  people. Below is the article with a link to the original one that was published on The Alternative.

smile makes the difference

Picture clicked at Kumarakom Lake Resort in Kerala 

I travel when possible, and I love to click pictures of people who I see on the streets. The challenge that I have often faced is that I am terrified of clicking strangers on the street. Though I have overcome my fear to some extent, I am still one of those guys who cannot stick a camera in a stranger’s face and merrily click away. On every trip I make a slow start and make a fresh beginning every day, clicking one picture a time. Over the years I have followed some simple rules to clicking pictures of people.

1. Look for friends and not for models

girls selling flowers India

Picture Clicked at Gudimalakapur Flower Market Hyderabad


Most people don’t like to be clicked by strangers, so I just start a conversation with the people who I want to click, and during the conversation I politely check with them if they would like to get a picture clicked. I give them my card that just gives my blog address and name. For some reason the card gives me credibility and people do agree to be clicked. You know when you can ask for a picture when smiles are exchanged. Smiles are great icebreakers and you can never go wrong with them.

You can read the complete article about “How I overcame my fear of clicking people during my travels ” here on  The Alternative  where the post first appeared.

The Alternative

Would love to hear your views in the comments about how you approach clicking strangers during your travels.


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