Jun 162015

My Wishlist for my Singapore Trip

Statement A: I have been to Singapore airport many times.

Statement B: I have never been to Singapore

Wondering what this puzzle is? Well I have changed planes many times at the Changi Airport in Singapore during my trips to USA, but as I was always short of time, I could never take a vacation and visit Singapore. But things are about to change and by the time you read this post I will be on my way to the Singapore of the city of Lion as Singa is from  Sanskrit =Singh meaning Lion and Pore is from Pur hence Singapore literally means city of Lion and no wonder the Merlion is the most famous Singapore landmark.

As I was researching for my Singapore visit I visited www.YourSingapore.Com, and awesome site from the Singapore Tourism that gives you every single information you need about Singapore from food, to places to stay, to what to see and do. So used the site to create my list of top 7 things to do in Singapore.

Singapore skyline

Singapore Skyline

The beauty of the site is that it has been structured in a way that not only you can look for each attraction but also by theme e.g. – Art, Culture, Nature and wildlife and as per family needs like attractions for kids etc, shopping in Singapore etc.

As I am a vegetarian I was keen to find out about the Vegetarian options in Singapore and to my surprise Singapore has literally 100s of options for vegetarians. Partly because of a vibrant Indian community that understands the needs of vegetarians and partly because Singapore is a world city and caters to every kind of traveler and local.  In fact right at the International airport in Singapore there are some awesome vegetarian options that I once tried during a layover of few hours, once returning from USA.

So with help of the www.yoursingapore.com website I created my list of what I plan to do in Singapore.

So here are my top 7 things that I plan to do in Singapore during my stay

As a foodie my first search is always to look for great places to eat, and I plan to visit some of the best restaurants in Singapore that serve vegetarian food.

Chinese Chef Singapore

Singapore has some of the yummiest food

  1. Food: I think a visit to Punjab Grills by Jiggs Kalra (who is our own celebrated Sardarjee Chef who has redefined gastronomy ) and then the Sky at 57 for both great food and some bird’s eye view of Singapore from 57th Of course I will try some desi food in Little India ( already my salivary glands are working overtime )
  2. Universal Studios: I think a visit to Universal Studio makes sense as I am great HollyBollyTollyMollyLolly FAN and lot of Indian movies are also shot in Singapore so it is more of a HollyBollyTollyMollyLolly pilgrimage for me to see where some of the movies were shot in the theme park.
  3. Singapore Flyer: the world’s largest observation wheel. Standing at a 165 meters from the ground, the Flyer offers breathtaking, panoramic views of the Marina Bay
  4. Museums: Singapore is young country but as a culture and civilization it has deep roots that branch out to China, Malaysia, India and some colonial influence also. It would be interesting to learn about the same in the famed museums of Singapore. On my list are Peranakan Museum, Asian Civilization Museum, and Lee Kuan Yew Exhibition at National Museum. Let us see what all I am able to visit during the short trip.
  5. Gardens by the Bay – Well they are the signature of the modern green Singapore where nature lives in Harmony with one of the most populous cities in the world. I hope to capture some good pictures at one of the largest public garden in the world in one of the tiniest nation. Does it not demonstrates how serious Singaporean authorities about green lungs in the city?
  6. Cultural discoveries: As Singapore had great historical ties with China and India we get both China Town and Little India in Singapore. I hope to visit both and see how the two cultures have evolved in Singapore while maintaining their roots.
  7. Shopping In Singapore : Need I say anything more? Singapore is one of the best shopping destinations and I am not going to miss the opportunity to check out clothes, watches, cameras, cell phones, laptops, toys etc. Some of the shopping districts on card are Haji Lane, Kampong Glam, and Orchard.
Gardens by bay

Gardens By The Bay – Singapore

Tulips in Singapore

Tulips in Singapore

Well this is just a partial list I am sure I have missed a lot as there is  a lot more to do in Singapore. Any suggestion you have what I should do in Singapore? Please tell me either by commenting or tagging me on Twitter about your top things to do in Singapore,  and you never know I may bring something for you 🙂 

Green Cockatoo Singapore

Kids would love birds at such close distance

NOTE: I am visiting Singapore on invitation from Singapore Tourism Board and Tigerair.

All pictures on this post are taken from the YourSingapore Website

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