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Sharing My experience of Booking Tickets on Tigerair Website

I hope you have read my post about my post about Top 7 Things to do in Singapore -in my earlier post and about What To Shop In Singapore.  As part of my continuing research for my Singapore visite, I checked the website of Tigerair who are my hosts for this trip along with Singapore Tourism Board.

I have never traveled by Tigerair earlier so was curious to know more about them and see what kind of airline they are.  So here are some screenshots with my comments about the experience of trying to book the ticket from India to Singapore on Tigerair

.One of the first things you notice on Tigerair website is the welcoming warm tones of Orange.

The second thing I noticed was there was no option to pay in Indian Rupees, while you have currencies like USD, SGD, HKD, Chinese Renminbi Yuan, Malaysian Ringgit, but no Indian Rupees and this is on the site dedicated to India. I am not sure what the reason is but since I have International Credit card it was not a deterrent to me. Though payment option in Indian Rupees sure would help me do my mental mathematics better.

Tigerair review

Tigerair website front page

Tigerair review

Currencies accepted by Tigerair website

Once I moved further I realized while Tigerair flies from a lot of cities in South India like

  • Chennai
  • Bangalore (or whatever tongue twister they call the city now)
  • Kochi
  • Tiruchirapalli (It is the tongue twister for Trichi the more human tongue friendly name of the city).

Outside of India Tigerair has a vast network in South East Asia, China, Australia, Indonesia, Philippines, and Thailand etc.

Tigerair reveiw

Booking interface is easy to use on Tigerair website

As I was planning a trip only till Singapore I decided to focus on the same.

Here I must add that the Tigerair site is very responsive and you can easily find the information you are looking for without getting lost in the maze of tabs and buttons.

The website is well structured and as you start your booking process you realize that if you need any additional service like say extra baggage above 1 Kilo, you need to pay more.

One can also book various meals in advance ( including Vegetarian meals ) on paying extra for the same during the booking process though I am sure the cabin crew should have something to be sold to people who decide at last minute in the cabin.  I will update you once I come back on this option.

Tigerair offers you the ability to pick up the seat of your choice by showing an interactive map of the seating plan of the plane you will fly in and you can choose seats as per your preference.  The middle of the plane is normal seats that do not come at a premium but seats in front and back have different prices that you can pay and book the same. The price for the flights chose by me was between 8.99 to 21.72 USD.

Tigerair website reveiew

You can pick and choose seats while booking, some seats are cost more than others on Tigerair

You get your tickets on your email and if you want a confirmation ticket on SMS you need to pay extra for the same.

Tigerair website reveiw

Optional services are  modular you pay for what you want like getting ticket info on SMS so no cost of printing tickets for you

So while everything is modular and additional facilities like meals, SMS, extra baggage can be added in increments on a need basis all these small fees keep on ending and only when you are ready to make payment your final ticket price is charged to your card. Tigerair on its website accepts Visa and MasterCard.

Over all it was a good smooth experience trying to book the ticket on Tigerair website and if you are traveling from one of the cities they operate from I suggest you try their service.

Other helpful features of Tigerair site

You can also book travel insurance, hotels, car rentals and other shopping deals on Tigerair site. The best part is your Boarding pass for Tigerair acts as a discount voucher for the shopping in Singapore and you can get some amazing deals on shopping just by flaunting Tigerair boarding pass.

I will write about my flight in Tigerair on my return from Singapore till then keep following your friendly neighborhood desi Traveler and check my updates on.

NOTE: I am visiting Singapore on invitation from Singapore Tourism Board and Tigerair.

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