Apr 082014

Holi Hai :  International Travel Bloggers Play Holi in Kerala

Holi is one of the most colorful festivals of India.  Countless poems, paintings, songs can be found celebrating the joy of Holi. There was a time when no Bollywood movie would be complete without drenching the heroines white sari in colors of Holi.  Even latest movies like  Yeh Jawani Hai Diwani, had the mandatory Holi song,  even though they are in the cold mountains of Manali, which was actually Gulmarg. Anyways this post is not about the movie or Holi in movies, it is about how Holi is considered  an part of colors and culture of India by world outside India.

This Holi I was in Kerala as part of Kerala Blog Express and had almost forgotten about it. But some of our blogger friends from around the world reminded us about Holi and their wish to celebrate Holi.  It seemed more than us they were keen to celebrate Holi in India. Although Kerala is not a traditionally Holi playing state of India, still our friends from Kerala Tourism arranged for us to celebrate Holi in true desi style with our international blogger friends.

Here is a picture of 3 of my new blogger friends from Holi Celebrations in Kerala

Kerala Blog Express

Taufan, Dina and Edgar 

Taufan Gio is from Indonesia and his name means exactly what it means in Hindi- a Cyclone. I regularly teased  him that he must have been a very naughty boy to deserve this name.

Dina Rosita is a digital nomad, though originally from Indonesia, she has been on trains, planes and automobiles discovering new lands since 2009

Edgar Alan Zeta-Yap is a very talented travel writer and  photographer from Philippines.  He regularly writes for many travel magazines besides his blog.

It was really good to see fellow travelers from around the world enjoying Holi with colors of India in Kerala. Do check my other posts from Kerala Blog Express series and feel free to share the post with your friends on Facebook, twitter and G+. After all Holi is all about spreading smiles and colors of India.

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  1. I will be in India in November for the Pushkar Camel Fair and would love to come back one day for Holi. This looks like a wonderful experience.

  2. 🙂
    Yeah, Kerala is not much of a Holi-place. I was kind of surprised by the title. 🙂 Good for you that they arranged some colour fun. Such a happy festival, right?

  3. Beautiful colors in true desi style, it’s nice to know that they got to experience a bit of our culture.

  4. Believe me, Prasad, I’m naughty in some particular things, hahaha! Anyway, thanks so much for your post! 😉

  5. Nice to see travellers from all of the world playing Holi in Kerala. But I was under the impression that people in South India don’t play Holi.

  6. Great Post. Miss you Prasad

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