Aug 132016
“Support A Life” – A Canon India CSR initiative, Empowering by active involvement with SOS Children’s Villages

A Visit To SOS Children’s Village Faridabad with Canon India for  CSR With the advent of social media, a lot of activism has moved online. As long as one has changed Facebook profile picture, sent a tweet or two, your cause and social responsibility is covered.  Many others feel that donating some money at the shrine made to propagate the glory of their version of God will give them a one way Business class ticket to purple gates in heavens. It is a rare moment in the time of online activism that you see a real concern and positive [Continue Reading By Clicking Here…]

Jun 142016
So Delhi Confluence at The Lalit

 The Good, the bad and the best of So Delhi Confluence at The Lalit Delhi Blogging as a creative medium and career choice is still evolving in India. Blogging as a career option is still trying to find its feet on the ground with only a handful of bloggers in India making decent money from blogging. Whenever I attend any blogging event, the talk eventually moves to “How to Make Money from Blogging”. Now, this always makes me a bit uncomfortable as I never started blogging with the intention of making money. I still do not make much money blogging, [Continue Reading By Clicking Here…]

Oct 232015
Sunset in Gurgaon

The Wrong Turn To The Right Sunset   Sometimes the wrong turn can be the right turn, just by chance.  On a recent trip to Chikamagalur where I was shooting Mercedes-Benz for a blogging assignment, I accidentally hit my lens to a tree. Luckily the lens hood too the hit and the main body did not have any damage. I was clicking with same lens for months now without any issue. But today I was alone at home with nothing to do so I thought why not get the rubber ring on the lens replaced as it has become [Continue Reading By Clicking Here…]

Feb 042014
Some Technical Issues: Site Hacked and Recovered

  Dear Reader: The site is facing some technical issues. Kindly bear till we sort them out. Thanks desi Traveler Fortunately we are back and the site is functional once again. So here is an update: desi Traveler was hacked and some malicious code was inserted in to word press. The code had more than 50 links to spammy sites. I discovered it accidentally while searching for some information and saw this screen shot with desi traveler showcasing things like Viagra, Cialis, Loans etc. Needless to say I could not understand what is happening as I don’t know much [Continue Reading By Clicking Here…]

Jan 012014
2013 Pictures and Memories from My Travels

Remembering Journeys I took in  2013 in Pictures A year has gone by and we are at the end of 2013, so as we welcome 2014, I thought of remembering 2013 in pictures. The pictures were taken in 2013 in various parts of the country of wildlife, monuments and of people who I met during my travels. Some of the trips I am yet to blog about so they may appear in 2014, I guess for some time I need to blog more to catch up with all the backlog. So here are some 2013 pictures taken during various [Continue Reading By Clicking Here…]

Dec 312012
2012-The Year That Was

All said and done 2012 was like any other year. On a personal front I will remember it as a year when I became a bit more serious about blogging and photography. Also missing my goals of loosing weight, exercising more and eating less ( what else is new 🙂 ) I have started using my Nikon more often and won a prize from Nikon in a small street photography competition for the photo given below. I was more active with my photography club and 3 of my  photographs were exhibited in Hyderabad. One of them being judged the photograph of the trip. It gives a very strange feeling [Continue Reading By Clicking Here…]

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Aug 262012
Bandish Projekt

We attended the performance by Bandish Projekt in our apartment complex in PBEL City organized as part of Hydourite. The Bandish Projekt is a fusion of Electronica dance music with urban folk. It was an electric performance with sufi singer Runa Rizvi, accompanied by flute of Shreyas Dave and Mayur Narvekar on instruments and keyboards. Mayur, Runa and Shreyas It had rained heavily during the day and I was not sure if the performance will happen. Fortunately thanks to the weather gods by evening the sky was clear and we had a pleasant evening. The lawns of the compound [Continue Reading By Clicking Here…]

Aug 112012
View From Our Balcony II

I have been travelling for some time both for business and for clicking pictures. All this while I have been so busy that did not have time to look out of balcony of our apartment. Is is not surprising that one travels to far off places to click pictures but totally ignores beauty around us?  Today morning was a especially beautiful day and I decided to stand in balcony for some time with my camera. Hyderabad has been blessed with really good monsoon this year and the surroundings to our apartment has changed totally. The Sufi Shrine The Blooms In Garden [Continue Reading By Clicking Here…]

Feb 052012

My grandmother used to say “ Pehla Sukh Nirogee Kaya” or the first joy you want to have is a healthy body. I never really understood what she meant till I understood the meaning of mortality. Over a period of time whenever I will get in josh to start taking care of my health the solution that typically came to my mind was to go out and spend some money. So over a period of time I accumulated a Tread mill, best sports shoes credit cards can buy, gym membership, all kind of health foods from Olive oil to Muesli and a false [Continue Reading By Clicking Here…]