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The Kerala Picture that got me in Better Photography Magazine

Today is world photography day, a day to celebrate photographers. Although I am not much of a photographer, I sure am one lucky photographer, now and then I am lucky enough to click a good picture.  Recently on my visit to Kerala, as a part of Kerala Blog Express, I clicked some pictures of Fishermen in Kerala and submitted some of them to the Better Photography Magazine for a contest ”  By the Beach”.

Soon one of the pictures was selected for honorable mentions and I received a call from the magazine asking for the RAW file, to verify the picture.

Now if you are wondering what is a RAW file then, this is time for me to show my Googled gyan to you. In  old days we had film negative that was processed into positive, now a days advanced DSLRs and some point and shoot cameras also click pictures in a file format that is equivalent of a film negative. While most camera manufacturers have their own format, they are all accepted as RAW Files. There are few advantages of shooting in RAW like

  • The file acts like a negative and you can do post processing using software that came with camera or standard software like Photoshop, Lightroom, Picassa etc. ( FYI: I have never used Photoshop for any of my picture till date, my favorite software for post processing are Lighroom and Picassa )
  • The RAW file is accepted as a proof in competitions as your work as well as equivalent of film negative, to check if you have done any manipulations to the original file that goes beyond what is accepted in that particular competition.
  • The only disadvantage of the RAW file is large size e.g my Nikon D7000 camera gives out a file size of around 18 MB, compared to only 2-5 MB for a JPG file. But that is a small price to pay to click better pictures.

Any ways long story short here is the picture that got me into Better Photography Magazine

Fisherman Kerala Beach Net Birds

Fisherman on Beach in Kollam Kerala


Initially I thought that the picture was published only online but later I bought the Better Photography magazine on a news stand and to my surprise there was the picture in the print edition also.

So here are the links :


Print edition scanned by me

Although this is a bit old news, but I thought it would be great to share it again on World Photography day, that is August 19.

To see more of my Kerala Pictures click links below


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  18 Responses to “Happy World Photography Day : A Picture from Kerala”

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  1. That’s a fab shot Prasad! Keep clicking.

  2. Beautiful shot and congratulations!!!

  3. Hearty congrats, Prasad 🙂
    Wonderfully shot indeed!

  4. Olá,

    Bela foto!


  5. Wow – that is a fabulous shot! Congratulations.

  6. A stunning beach moment. Love the action of the net too.

  7. Wow, this is a great shot! I really like the composition and the birds circling overhead. Thanks for sharing during last night’s #TravelIST !

  8. Congratulations. Truly an awesome click, and the post really updated me about photography, I had no idea about raw files. thanks for the post

    • Thanks. RAW files are a must for serious photographers, they really help you to process the image the way you saw it….Though too much processing may actually do some harm..

  9. Congratulations!!!
    That’s one amazing shot, really.

    Hey, Happy World Photography day to you, Desi Traveler. (I love your pictures.)

  10. Congratulations and Very well done ..

    it is a beautiful pic

  11. Excellent capture!!

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