Jan 122013

Fishermen Catching Fish In Pondicherry


I first missed not knowing how to shoot a video first when I saw this skirmish between a Cunning Fox and Eagle in Tal Chapar Rajasthan.

I talked with a few photographers and what clearly emerged from my discussion :

  1. Still photographs capture the moment better and they give a very sharp image. If your picture is good a single picture can tell the story.
  2. Capturing videos is much more complicated and you need to do a lot of editing and sound mixing which is not everybody’s cup of tea.

Though now you can capture a video even from a cell phone and upload it on YouTube, the quality is not very good and the video comes with a lot of shake and background noise. So I kind of never tried taking videos and always was happy clicking pictures, in fact ever since I started uploading pictures on Twitter and Facebook I click a lot of pictures by my cell phone to be uploaded directly. These pictures typically are not of very high quality but they capture the essence of the moment.

But dear readers I digress, and let me come back to the topic of this post.  I walked past a family on the beach in Pondicherry enjoying the cool breeze coming from the ocean, I reached a fishing village.

indian family on beach in pondicherry

A family on beach in Pondicherry

Where I saw a lot of fishermen indulged in their day to-day activities. Mind you this village was almost wiped out in Tsunami and later in a cyclone that came from Bay of Bengal. The name of the village is Poornakuppam village, just like any other thousands of coastal villages in India. While walking and exchanging smiles with the fishermen and kids on the beach I saw this boat in horizon in the sea.

In the vast azure Ocean it was not more than a speck of color and identifiable only by movement of the fishermen on the boat which appeared only as a sliver of shaved wood on the waves. With every wave the boat almost went down in water and  from the shore it appeared that the fishermen will not emerge again. But the fishermen were obviously doing it day in and out and busy in doing there chores of putting the net and other things in water. I tried to click pictures but then though of making the video with the sound of waves in background.

So dear readers here is the link to the first ever video shot by me using my Nikon on a beach in Pondicherry. Let me warn you it is not of very high quality and the visuals start around 10 second mark. The video has not been edited or formatted except for loading on YouTube.

So Here is the short video showing Fishermen Catching Fish in Pondicherry


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  1. Quite like surfing, huh! 🙂
    That’s a nice video, actually. I don’t do videos for the very same reasons you talk of.

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