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Shrine remembering-Tsunami in Pondicherry India


While I was walking on the beach in Pondicherry just outside of our hotel I found this small shrine,. This was nothing more than a small hut with a few small idols makes by local potter and a few of them were outside the hut. Some of the idols had broken heads, and it was clear that nobody is taking care of them.

I was wondering about  the small shrine in the hut, so I started asking about the same to find something more. One of the managers at the hotels who have worked there since beginning informed me that in the 2004 Tsunami a lot of people died in the area. Even after that storms and cyclones etc have devastated the coastal area but the people have to continue with their life as fisher men.

temple on beach in pondicherry

A Shrine in memory of those who died in Tsunami

This small shrine was made in memory of those who were taken away by sea, to offer prayers for their souls.  This is the harsh reality of the coastal belts of India, our fishermen still continue to go to sea without any proper GPS and modern navigation system and are always at risk of losing their life. In fact when I looked around I could see destruction around me even after all this time a lot of dead trees were slowly decaying and going back to soil one atom at a time to be recycled back by mother nature.

I silently wished for the peace for those who have died and hoped that the mighty ocean will not be angry anymore and come to take more people who live on its shore and are dependent on it for their livelihood.

small temple on pondicherry beach

The Shrine in memory of those who were taken by Tsunami and Cyclone

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after effects of cyclone on beach in Pondicherry

The decaying trees on a beach in Pondicherry


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  1. Oh yes, I forgot that. (I remember asking somebody to look up a show on that site and hearing that — so sorry about that.) It’s about a movie on the 2005 tsunami. It’s called The impossible and is a based on a true story from Thailand.

  2. That was news to me — the shrine I mean. That’s an interesting depiction of the event. It makes me shudder. I’m just reminded of stories from a friend of mine who’d gone to cover the aftermath.

  3. A sad reminder , for those poor to start their life thread again. I wonder how they might have coped!

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