Jan 062014


Portrait of an Old Man With Charminar 

These pictures were recently taken at Mecca Masjid near Charminar in Old Hyderabad. This old gentleman is a regular to the Mecca Masjid since his childhood and feeds the pigeons there. I requested him to pose for me and here is the result.

charminar in reflections of sunglasses of an old man

Charminar in Reflections

I was very happy to see the reflection of Charminar in his really cool sunglasses, though a bit of me also came in the frame 🙁

charminar in reflection of sunglasses of old man

Portrait of an Old Gentleman taken at Mecca Masjid

I am deliberately keeping the image sizes to large so that you can see the reflection of Charminar in his Sunglasses clearly.

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  15 Responses to “Charminar in Reflections”

Comments (15)
  1. that is excellent 🙂

  2. Wonderful shots! Love the reflections in the glasses.

  3. Spectacled Charminar is spectacular!

  4. I find it terrifying to take people shots…The one thing I appreciate in other photographers…well done with the first picture

  5. Very well taken.

  6. Amazing captures, Prasad!

  7. Great capture 🙂

  8. So neat!
    Love those shots!!

  9. When I read your title I was wondering where is the water 😀 Cool reflections.

  10. Really nice shots!

  11. Spectacularly captured, Prasad! Love the reflection!

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